IKEA UPDATE: It's not the final for vinyl after all

records Music lovers! Come in off that ledge now, for Ikea have issued a statement regarding their Expedit shelving!

As you may recall from this piece a couple of days ago, vinyl lovers were borderline suicidal and howling with despair at the Swedish furniture vendors because they said they were ending their Expedit range. They were going to sell a new re-modelled unit called the Kallax range, which has the same dimensions, but with a slightly rounded edges so any nippers careering about won't take their eye out.

The full statement from Ikea comes after lots of middle aged men had openly sobbed, and probably threw in some death threats for good measure, about Expedit on Ikea's social media channels.

Your copies of obscure Italian bongo film soundtracks and Yes LPs will have a place to live in your house after all!


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