If you're going to get sacked from Dominos...

...you might as well go out in style...

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  • TeflonMan
    Not knowing more than 46 digits of Pi is clearly under par. I am disgusted at the level of staff Domino's employ and will not be giving them my business any more!
  • Scott
    Without that level of Pi detail, how are they to cut the slices accurate enough for public consumption!
  • iphone u.
    So Andy Dawson...........what's your next job going to be?
  • David
    surely someone able to memorise pi to only 46 digits shouldn't be working in dominoes in the first place.
  • james d.
    Accurate Pi digit knowledge is vital when ordering from a pizza menu to calculate whether it is more economic to purchase two medium or one large pizza.
  • shinkyshonky
    yeah.....and that as well...fuck it I`ll have two
  • Akme
    Jesus that Pandamoaniumhas taken pretty much everything from reddit

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