If you can read the sign, you probably don't need help




  • can't S.
    One would assume that this sign is actually displayed in a Spanish speaking country.
  • John V.
    Yeah but then the whole sign should be written in Spanish...
  • John V.
    Which is the whole joke here.
  • wombat
    Andy - could you maybe have engaged brain before posting?
  • wombat
    @JV - No the sign would have been displayed in a Spanish speaking country to adive English speakers that language assistance was available and how to get it. Geez!
  • Bo
    There's a joke here?.....
  • Andy D.
    It was taken at a branch of Autozone in the US. As explained in the link.
  • John V.
    @wombat I was assuming that it wasn't in a Spanish speaking country, but the sign would have to be all in Spanish with an English phrase to say if it was to help Spanish speakers. Which is why the sign is funny, and why 'If you can read the sign, you probably don't heed help'.
  • Simon
    it was probably in a southern american state - Texas or somewhere whereby the population is largely mexican etc.?
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. i agree with "Simon" ......as of July 1, 2006, there were 44.3 million Hispanics in the U.S. So it's better to "tell an employee that you need help" than buy a load of Linguaphone CD's

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