If the word ‘imitation’ doesn’t put you off, the picture surely will

[Woodland Creature via BuzzFeed]


  • Matt
    "How much is that dog-crab in the window..."
  • Nobby
    OK for Koreans.
  • acecatcher3
    do u mean philipinos
  • Dave S.
    At least it's better to get immitation crabs, less itchy. Best way to get rid of crabs I hear you ask? Sprinkle some sugar on them, rots their teeth...
  • James
    0_o @ Dave smith. Surely to get rid of crabs, you merely have to agree to the terms of their unions.
  • Jack
    O_o Crazy!
  • zeddy
    Is that a pic of a Loxter or a Crob? It looks like a Loxter to me. What do I know? It all seems a bit fishy to me.
  • Dave S.
    A Dobster or a Crog, you decide... now!

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