If it ain't broke, don't rebrand it

10 May 2010

waterstones There wasn’t really anything wrong with the old Waterstones logo was there? A timeless, classic-looking design, instantly recognisable to anyone who buys books.

But they’ve only gone and bloody well changed it haven’t they? The new logo ties in with a few changes to how the book chain is ran, with stores given greater autonomy over the books they can buy and the introduction of a local chart.

Sadly, the new logo looks like a big pair of droopy old tits. Not timeless, not classic. Fail, as we believe the teenagers all say these days…



  • FatalException
    A Sans font for a book store? They sells books not insurance. Logo fail.
  • Deiter R.
    @FatalFannystain As we all know all freethinking, great artist who push the boundaries MUST stick to conventions.
  • Biffy
    "Sadly, the new logo looks like a big pair of droopy old tits." Seriously that made me LOL in the office. Cheers for the laugh Andy!
  • Pedant
  • Nobby
  • Douglas S.
    It's an upside down "m" - probably to reflect the HMV logo and owners of Waterstones
  • The L.
    Quite. Now if you could actually get some customer service in a Waterstones and see more than half a dozen heavily promoted titles when you went in, now THAT would be a radical improvement. However all they are ever willing to change in these places is the logo it seems. And the carpet occasionally.
  • N E.
    But it is broke.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Great. I'll now never be able to un-see the big droopy tits. Ta.
  • raptorcigs b.
    honestly who gives a toss
  • Rob
    Does the Pilsbury Dough Boy have copyright on the use of his legs?
  • Nobby
    > honestly who gives a toss I did, the shape of those droopy tits, I just couldn't resist.
  • AndyM
    > I’ll now never be able to un-see the big droopy tits. +1
  • Campaign
    There is a facebook group to get it changed now! http://bit.ly/dfXXCl
  • Andy D.
    Has nobody Photoshopped some nipples on it yet? Have I got to do EVERYTHING myself around here?
  • Skymarshall
    Comet are also re-branding to become more "family friendly". Comic sans MS I believe.. Urgh.
  • Fatal E.
    @Deiter Rams. Your mother doesn't mind me sticking to HER conventions. ZING.
  • Mr G.
    It looks like a letter W
  • A F.
    Hey! Less of the droopy old tits. The logo could equally be a pair of droopy old bollocks! And, indeed, the logo is bollocks. Did they hire the company who designed the 2012 Olympic logo?

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