If Bill Gates ruled the world... Microsoft-bashing ahoy!

Here in the Bitterwallet offices, we might fancy our shiny expensive MacBooks over the dullard PC, but surely even PC fanboys can laugh at themselves, right? It's not as if you're not all humourless librarians, are you? Or are you? Are you?

Cracked asked its readers to imagine if Microsoft ruled the world, and the results show exactly how screwed up it'd be. Unsurprisingly, Clippy the paperclip makes an appearance, as do pop-ups, parachutists and Davros. You'll find the best of the entries on their website.



  • Duncan
    Microsoft fanboy, and I'd laugh if they were the first time the jokes had been done but the 'are you sure you want to do this' prompt is a bit tired now, as is the BSOD. Smacks of a slow news day.
  • Duncan
    A marginally more up to date joke (only 2yrs old) is the monkey dance Zune ad... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIk4qTKmKzE

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