ID thieves target big bags


It’s a common sight isn’t it? You’re waiting in line for something when someone in front of you starts rifling through their handbag or man-bag, feverishly poking through a higgledy mass of non-tessellating bric-a-brac for whatever it is they need. Why they decided to wake up that morning, put useful everyday things into their bag, and then shove seven billion arbitrary items on top of them is beyond anybody’s grasp.

But help is at hand, in the unlikely form of society’s scum; thieves.

Thieves have realised that the nonsense habit of putting relevant items into bags then absolutely failing to remove them later, an effect which quickly snowballs into an intractable mish-mash of random shit in your bag, has led to people carrying what amounts to a complete identity with them. In a recent study by CPP, women have admitted to inexplicably carrying around passports, bank statements and pay slips with them every day. It also revealed that over 60% of men carry personal documents with them.

What hasn’t helped matters is the money-spinning “fashion trend” for women to carry bags so large they can accommodate enough oddments to survive a nuclear winter in an underground bunker and the introduction of man-bag accessories for men. All making it evermore-easy for people to unwittingly stash a treasure-trove of personal data over their shoulders and providing a large beacon for criminals to target.

So next time you get a chance, please stay safe and clean up any mess in your bags. That way if your stuff gets nicked that’s all that’s stolen, as opposed to your whole identity.


  • Mike H.
    Why do 'men' insist on dressing like complete dicks these days? What happened to the jeans and a T-Shirt? It's now Tight jeans, stupid studded belt, 'plimsoles' hooded brightly coloured cardigan, stupid hat with flat beck worn at a jaunty angle, crap hair scarf, loads of bangles, wankers!
  • Tizer
    I love my man bag...
  • magicbeans
    or use a bag for life. people think ur well scummy and wont bother thieving u!
  • Seven B.
    [...] forward. We touched on this in a post not long ago about carrying too much stuff in your bags – heed this advice! Many people find that they’re carrying around personal documents they don’t need to including [...]

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