Ice cream is out for American dessert lovers

It's always the way. There you are, lapping away at a cool cone on a hot summer's day, and you can't but think to yourself: "This ice cream just isn't gay enough". And you'd be right; most of the ice cream you and I eat on a daily basis is completely straight. In fact, according to a graph that Andy has just drawn on the whiteboard in the Bitterwallet office, less than two per cent of frozen dessert products are on the same bus.

These fabricated statistics clearly demonstrate that ice cream fails to represent the sexual orientation of its consumer base, and one man is doing something about it. Doug Quint is a New York-based musician who is about to tear up the streets of Manhattan in his Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. "Let's face it, ice cream trucks are kind of queer, and a middle-aged white man driving one is pretty suspect," says Quint. "That's not to say that I'm a rolling hotbed of perversion. Hardly the case. It's all in the name of silly."

Wherever you are in the world, you can contribute to the success of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck by hitting their Facebook page and suggesting what tunes will spill out the truck's tannoys. What kind of toppings can you expect? Pretty much anything you ask for - the likes of olive oil and sea salt, Nutella and bacon are already on the cards. It's America, you understand. If you don't like the thought of a queer cone, then you're only fooling yourself; absolutely nobody can deny that hundreds-and-thousand are as gay as a window.

[Serious Eats]


  • magicbeans
    toppings sound like pizza toppings......mmmmm nutella pizza
  • Uncle T.
    So, if you buy this ice cream from the Albanian van vendor outside my grand childrens infant school, will it turn me GAY?..not something i want to happen.
  • Francis R.
    Marmite, honey and anchovy paste is scrumtiously fabulous! I ain't gay or owt, uurrrr... birds, chips 'n' gravy, bitter, way hey the lads, grrr.

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