I love you Mum – have a vase full of beetles

Interflora have apparently been  ‘deluged’ with complaints about their Mother’s Day deliveries, when hundreds of customers took to their Facebook page to say their orders had arrived squished, been dumped on doorsteps or were infested with bugs.

Some deliveries didn’t arrive at all, leaving some mothers in tears or furiously redrafting their wills.

Complaints from customers included one from Margaret de Havilland-Hall (I KNOW) who reported that there were no flowers on the plant she had delivered, the leaves were squashed and the bowl had fallen over. Interflora’s reply was pretty casual. ‘Hi Maggie – please accept our sincere apologies. One of our customer care team will look into this for you.’ (Feel free to add your own ‘lol’,  :-/ or a !!!1111 at the end of that.)

Other customers said their complaints were met with the unsatisfactory reply that just a small percentage of their orders had a problem, but if you’ve ever met any mothers, you’ll know that’s NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

Interflora are yet to comment on the complaints. Perhaps they’ll just say it with (squashed) flowers?


  • Dr Z.
    Vegetation with insects!? Whatever next?
  • Tom
    Your mum without bugs.
  • amazon s.
    Beetles are normally extra.
  • amazon s.
    Not sure how it was logistically possible for ringo and paul to be all those vases. Unless Interflora have a portal gun.
  • Milky
    Typical, if you didn't pander to their whims there would be no need to buy them flowers!

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