I am not a database entry, Micro Direct, I am a free man!

While Spotify don't give a fancy fart who they share personal data with, Micro Direct refuse to share any customer information whatsoever. Even with the customer. in fact, avid Bitterwallet reader Nigel is delighted at the lengths Micro Direct went to to keep even his own name secure:

Bitterwallet - Micro Direct
It's interesting that even the name of the sender is scraped from a database - there's not a drop of thought put into the process whatsoever. Seriously, is nobody arsed about sending preview emails anymore?


  • Jeff
    I would imagine the missing contact details are due to some eejit pressing the wrong button... The email was sent to the wrong mailing list. This one is meant for trade customers only, not for retail. I got the same mail, followed fairly promptly with a retraction stating that the prices on the email are not actually available to me as I don't have a trade account with them.
  • nicholas
    it also gives you the name and password to get there trade list
  • Alasdair S.
    It was a mistake - retail customers were sent the trade newsletter by mistake (I got it as well). They likely have account managers for the trade customers, so they want each email personalised with the respective sales person - pretty good idea (when it works!). They sent an apology not long after: --- Dear Customer, Earlier today we sent out an email that was intended for our trade customers to our retail mailing list. Unfortunately the prices shown on this letter can only be redeemed if you have a trade or corporate account with us. If you interested in opening a trade or corporate account with us, you can find more information here: http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Articles/Index/Normal/102/ Our regular retail newsletter full of our latest products and great offers will be sent out tomorrow as normal. We apologise wholeheartedly for any confusion this may have caused. Regards Micro Direct Team
  • andyofyarm
    Well at least they didn't gie your email address away to the general public,Which is very risky [email protected]
  • Johnny F.
    nicholas... To get where trade list?
  • Bo
    Ever heard of mail merge?... Its that but someone hasnt dont it properly. Surely there are more interesting things in the world to report on?...

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