I am Bitterwallet.

Welcome to Bitterwallet! Hopefully soon to be the best source for consumer hacks, tips & news from the trenches of the HotUKDeals community.

Why Bitterwallet? In short we chose the name because the overwhelming, depressing, soul-sucking experience of being a UK consumer is eroding our consumer souls like acid rain dissolved Nelson in the 80's.

Yeah our wallet is bitter and the words 'Thank you for your custom' ring hollow in their Victorian politeness but we're trying to do something about it. We want Bitterwallet to be the place to whinge, bitch, and have a voice in the age of the soulless consumer. The topics we are interested in include consumer hacks/loopholes, insider rumours and tips, privacy, consumer legal, complaints/horrors, cult gadgets, insane deals.

We've put together a crack team of pissed off consumers including Paul Smith, Andy Dawson and Vince Wong. We're going to be writing regularly on what's happening in the news, stories sent in by you, and on the ground reporting of our own. If you have a tip or lead please send it in as we're eager to sink our bitter teeth into anything juicy.

Without further ado, although we're not stuck in a retro historical film, I am Bitterwallet.


  • Reef
    Beware of Quinn Direct http://www.quinn-direct.co.uk, hadnt had a bad word to say about them and often recommended them to other people. But I have been stopped on a number occassions by the police saying there was no insurance showing on the vehicle on their database. I have emailed Quinn Direct who have only tried to fob my off saying I do have valid insurance and not really answered the real question. I had the vehicle impounded and then had to prove I did in fact hold valid insurance, and pay them £200 to get the vechile back on they go through another process to get my money back. It not a very nice experience when your in the right!! BEWARE!!! So if you have insurance with Quinn Direct make sure you find out if it is showing as valid on the police database.
  • Ronnie
    You guys read JG Ballard?
  • Chris
    Somehow after downloading jail break my phone no longer works it just shows a pic of the usb and phone on the screen, I have down loaded the 3.0 and formated the phone but no success any help welcome??? Thanks, Chris
  • Financial S.
    I love this site. New perspectives from across the pond! I'm way across though, in tech/internet central, the San Francisco Bay Area! Next door is Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, and You Tube. They're all buying up our town!
  • Clio
    -- Bitterwallet Congrats!! Happened by chance on this website and just spent a very pleasant hour going through your archives in what would've normally have been a very boring morning at work on a Saturday. Funny how all comments seem to be signed by men? Do I have to use a male alias to be authorized to comment here as well? Should I even be reading this website? (please note, the above comment is based on random perusal of commentators names, no exhaustive attempt was made to check its accuracy)
  • LainieB
    Having just discovered this fine site on the interweb (via a link from HotDeals), I am wanting to say how rather cool it is, and I will now be frequenting bitterwallet for the purpose of reading bargainish and fun information.
  • GrumpyOldFella
    May I comgratulate you on the site makeover and may I also be one of the first to say "I don't like it". I am old and I do not like change. Noooooooo!
  • jim b.
    I left Spain in 2007 having sold up & now live in UK. Despite being told at least a dozen times by letter (I have copies) to CLOSE my account there, Banco Santander have ignored me for 4 years and have now put on a debt collection agency to collect 306 euro- all charges-with 7 days to pay!! I have not udsed the account nor do I intend to- the account had 50 euro in t when I left! UK agencies say they cannot help- any ideas ?
  • uob c.
    hello, i'm an academic being fined by my university which has paid public funds to employ a private parking company. Already i pay 1500 pa to park on the site we have been parking on for 30 years. Now i have ridiculous abusive fines - the most recent of which was for parking courteously so colleagues could get in and out of their cars. I was on an angle and 30ins over the white line. fine = 120. can you help us stop this abuse?
  • Mike H.
    ^^ all gay ^^
  • w0nKey H.
    I was Bitterwallet.
  • Chloe H.
    Don't rave about Quality Street being cheap. they're made by nestle who obviously think life in the developing world is cheap as they aggressively promote baby formula at the expense of breastfeeding resulting in three baby deaths a minute .....more here: http://info.babymilkaction.org/nestlefree
  • Brian
    People beware of Tesco vehicle insurance!!! This service at the point of sale was excellent and at that time I would have recommended them based on my experience up to that point in time. However, I was unfortunately involved in a road traffic accident and the nightmare began. I contacted the company from the accident scene so as not to transgress any small print which I may have missed - prime rate number of course!! Time taken on that call alone incurred a charge of some £15.00 A hire car was disallowed at this point, even though I had fully comprehensive cover. Instead they offered me a low-loader transport to travel home ( some 100 miles ) with my damaged vehicle, wife, daughter, son-in-law and 11 month old grandson. Luckily, my vehicle was still only just driveable so we made do. From that point I was inundated with calls from an approved car hire facilitator ( yet another insurance company ) and a firm of approved legal executives ( yet another insurance company ) and was hounded till I accepted their services. These people were also contactable via prime rate telephone numbers. I even had to phone the approved insurance assessor myself to arrange his visit to inspect my vehicle. Seven months have now passed and I still have not received written confirmation that the 3rd Party's insurance company has settled and since this affects my no-claims bonus, it is not endearing me to them. At the end of the day, if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you ideally expect your insurance company to handle your claim from the moment you make contact and save you from the extra stress and sheer hassle. My message is this - if you take out vehicle insurance, make sure that the company/broker has a local office and offers the inclusive service of handling your claim hassle free. This may cost slightly more in premiums but it is money well spent. In my case, I re-insured with another broker and actually saved money on my premium. I hope this may be of interest/help to others.
  • Sneeky P.
    Hey guys love what you've done to the site but have you noticed there's a rusty old trolley that's spoiling the otherwise amazing journalism (sorry churnalism)

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