Hypnotise your hunger away with Video Pizza!

Do you love pizza but hate touching, smelling or tasting pizza? Now your problems are at an end – with Video Pizza!

It’s an hour-long montage of rotating pizzas that will either give you the munchies or make you feel sick to your stomach. We’re erring on the side of the latter, and we bloody love pizzas here.

With a soundtrack that sounds like something that Harold Faltermeyer would have left off the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop, it’s a complete package that isn’t to be missed.

Here’s a preview – we’re assured that the full version offers so much more!


  • f.d. a.
    Fecking hell... Full version costs $14.99
  • bawbag
    The Video Pizza logo at the beginning should carry a health warning, I almost had a fit watching it.
  • Martha F.
    For $14.99, you could buy a pizza and slap it on your record player!
  • Nobby
    Those graphics, that soundtrack. Was it made in 1972?
  • IDontSharePizza
    Is this avilable in HD?
  • mmmpizza
    oh yummy a pizza spinning in a bin bag
  • Bullet
  • pauski
    What next? Donner Kebab video?

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