Humanity sews sides up after another hilarous April Fool's Day

1 April 2011

As somebody has this morning pointed out: 'They should rename it "Internet Is Shit Day".'

The world is falling over itself to tell you about April Fool pranks, but instead of allowing you to stumble upon them naturally and question their plausibility, everyone is making it VERY BLEEDING OBVIOUS, which means you instantly know it's a waste of your eyesight to bother reading.

To save you the effort of even clicking on some links, here's a collection of blatantly transparent tat:

Virgin Atlantic to grow vegetables on-board flights

Introducing Google Blimp Ads

Money Saving Expert loses URL to Wonga

Bitterwallet - Money Saving Expert

BMW launch 'Will' edition for Royal Wedding

Introducing Starbucks Mobile Pour

Branson buys Pluto, reinstates as planet

The Re-Cycle Cardboard Bike

GMail Motion - A new way to communicate

What do you think?

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