Huge Fines for BAA unless London Stansted Customer Service Improves

A travelling HUKDer is often willing to put up with a bargain flight in exchange for a long, sleep inducing journey to a piss poor airport, like Stansted. But according to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Stansted will have to work on raising its customer service levels, or airport operator BAA could face fines of up to £9m a year.

Stansted will have to pay rebates of up to 7 per cent of total airport charge revenues if goals for passenger security queues, cleanliness, baggage reclaim and other services are not met. These requirements for Stansted were published alongside the CAA's five-year price controls plan which also determines what BAA can charge airlines for the use of the airport. 

Similar schemes at Heathrow and Gatwick have caused BAA to be fined £4.3m and £3.6m respectively. But how often do those of you near London actually fly out of Stansted anyway?  Now, if only RyanAir could move its European flights to Gatwick...

[The Independent]


  • Mike H.
    And who's going to pay the £9m in fines? That's right baby, the customers who complained about the shit service and got them fined in the first place, good move the CAA.
  • chrisg
    What makes you say Stansted is a piss poor airport? It's actually one of my favourite UK airports. PLenty of air-side shops, clear signs and open plan. Flown over 50+ times from there, and never had a problem. Worst thing is when you mistakenly jump on the monorail and you're meant to be flying from the other part of the airport.
  • Bob
    They might want to get a decent transport service there too, I had the misfortune of flying out of Stansted to Italy on an early flight, ended up having to catch a coach to get there for 3am because there are no trains and the coaches only run once an hour. I'll stick to my beloved Gatwick thanks.
  • Martin
    Bob, you need to check out this site ... It is fairly obvious what it is about.
  • AVF A.
    [...] Re: AVF B Team - COD4 Seems askew has not only been neglecting BFam.... Huge Fines for BAA unless London Stansted Customer Service Improves | BitterWallet [...]
  • Bob
    Martin, I've had a good kip in Hong Kong on my way to NZ, they have a nice sleeping/showering area there, I think it was about £8 for 2 hours sleep and a shower afterwards, I wouldn't want to sleep in Stansted though.
  • bob r.
    Why the need to swear? Surely there are many good words to use to convey feelings of negativity.
  • Mike H.
    ^^ Sorry, can't think of any, swearing is cool, and also very theraputic. ^^

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