HTC make toe-curling hip hop beef track

Hip hop, thanks to being so fantastically successful, is hugely lampoonable, which means the whole genre is a marketing team's dream. Not only do they think it is easy to make passable raps, but they also think it lends them immediate credibility, which is why there are so many awful marketing team hip hop parodies out there.

Samsung were the last lot to have a stab at it, and now we find HTC at it, making a tune that looks to start beef with other mobile makers, including Some White Guy throwing ironic gang shapes.

And so, let us listen to their attempt at being razor sharp.

Aiming lyrical daggers at their rivals, Apple and Samsung, we hear that HTC holds 'the crown' and that the company 'can't be beat' and other self-aggrandising business.

However, while that is perfectly ignorable, there's some hugely clunky lines in there. Doc G (once of PM Dawn no less) spits about "Peter Chou" before going H.A.M. about how the "internal battery's strong" and the "extreme power saving mode", over an ATL-esque stripclub beat.

Then there's the in-your-face; "more than a few clowns stole what we originated. We own the universe, your Galaxy is overrated!" coupled with; "your phone was all glass - why you change your tune now? Your chip is slower but you'll never touch our BoomSound".

Seeing as Doc G was in PM Dawn, he could've at least done a pun about being set adrift on "memory bliss" or something. Honestly - what is this world?

If you're completely daft, you can download the song too.

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