How to troll a White Supremacist restaurant

Before we start, it is worth knowing something about this article - it contains language and imagery that might upset those with a delicate stomach.

Now we've got that out of the way, let us look at ways in which you can troll a restaurant that is run by, and for, White Supremacists.

There's a place called Gary’s Chicaros, which doesn't like a lot of people. It loudly states that it is a a "n**ger-free experience" to the point where you can even get it on a t-shirt. It is a place "where the great whites gather" and anyone who isn't white, straight, Christian... anyone who is disabled, on welfare or anything that implies you're not a powerful white, isn't welcome.

As such, the internet decided to have some fun with the Yelp reviews.



Naturally, the reviews were plenty.



Of course, there's going to be some white people yelling "Urgh! GOD! If this was a Muslim only cafe, no-one would dare do this!" when of course, the graffiti down the side of Asian establishments would probably disagree with you.

Anyway, for those who don't side with White Supremacists, you can see loads more of the funny reviews by clicking here and the Facebook reviews aren't bad either.

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