How to spend less, not live less in 2009

And so the bad news keeps on rolling in; the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development believes at least 600,000 jobs could disappear in the UK within the next 12 months, and that between now and April will be the worst for job losses since 1991.

So let's get frugal people, because who knows what next year is going to throw at us. That doesn't mean you have to change the way you live, it just means making every penny count:

  • Start as you mean to go on; WiseBread have a simple guide to throwing a New Year party on a budget
  • It may be entirely patronising to tell you to get your household budgets in order, but plenty of us are too damned lazy to bother; Bitterwallet has 5 simple financial habits you need to get into
  • You're probably aware of how you can save money by switching gas and electricity accounts, but there are savings to be made by reviewing your water rates, and even your council tax; The Guardian has these and other ideas for saving¬† on your household bills
  • Ever swished before? Newcastle's probably a little too far to travel for a new wardrobe, but read what Daisy Green magazine are up to, and keep an eye out for similar events where you live
  • Don't let anybody take money from you that they don't deserve, whether it's a high street store, a bank or a restaurant; learn how to complain well
  • If you're really pumped up, get involved in stealth-saving; some of it appears to border on stealing, but read the article by The Telegraph and make up your own mind


  • andy y.
    But Crash Gordon says we should spend our way out of Debt? Does not compute
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Great article, keep them coming please.
  • Bob
    So, these jobs then, what are the chances that any of them will be public sector? About 0% I'd reckon, after all, we need all of those H&S people to tell us not to flagelate ourselves with a 240V live cable, and who else would employ them?

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