How to ship big stuff around the UK

7 April 2009 of my uncles took a job with United Parcel Service in the late 1970s. It was at exactly the wrong moment in time. Why? In his case, it was because 1) new hires spend their days loading trucks and 2) the IBM Correcting Selectric typewriter was wildly popular. To give you a better picture, these IBM behemoths were about 50 cm wide by 30 cm deep and 20 cm tall. They also weigh about as much as a dozen anvils made of plutonium.

He didn't stay on for very long, and the IBM Selectric has long since gone to that great typing pool in hell. But with bigger and bigger HDTVs and large strange random objects, people still need to send heavy and/or bulky stuff. And if you want to do so at the best price possible, Royal Mail and Parcelforce aren't always the best choices.

So how do you make sure you’re getting the best deal for what is, after all, a somewhat expensive proposition? Over at HotUKDeals, folks have been on this case for a while, thanks to a super bulky package needing to be shipped by user charlenexxx. That generated some pretty good ideas:

1. Reader mumzyleah suggests using . This isn’t a courier, but an aggregate site that allows users to browse various services to determine who has the best rates. Everything is done online: booking, confirmation, complaints. You’re even asked to submit the item to be shipped via your 3D scanner to the website. Just kidding. Everything else really is done online, however.

2. The P4D booking service allows you to browse couriers and prices through their custom software that is responsible for sending 100,000 parcels on their way each month. Their claim is that they ship so much stuff, they can negotiate the best shipping rates and pass the savings on to you.

3. Unfortunately, charlenexxx's parcel was too big for P4D to accept (It was an enormous large screen television), so bear in mind that not all parcel sizes would fit the service.

4. User dancrawley suggested Interparcel, which also has major accounts with numerous courier companies. You book a courier through Interparcel, and arrange pick-up directly with the courier you choose. Alas, charlenexxx’s parcel was again too large. It would appear that the heaviness of an object is not a dealbreaker: it’s the dimensions. When you have something as big as a 50” television to ship, then freight hauling may be your only option.

5. Fortunately, much of that legwork can be done online, too. Shiply (suggested by user termite) specializes in items too bulky for regular couriers. You list your freight for free on and receive bids from freight transporters. It’s up to you to make sure the transporters have adequate insurance and enough experience not to leave the cargo doors open and watch your giant telly fly out of the back of the lorry as they accelerate.

There’s no word so far as to whether charlenexxx used (if you're reading this, please let us know!) Some suggested that it would be least expensive to simply rent a vehicle and drive the jumbo telly to its destination. If you have experience with any courier services including the ones mentioned above in the UK, please share them also in the comments below.



  • nick
    wow. Slow news day? He said she said he said.
  • callum
    I use
  • Matt B.
    @Nick: Frankly one of the more useful articles. Likely to be of massive interest to many in the HUKD community. And beats the hell out of most of the 'news' on BW.
  • ronnie
    Paisley Freight for me!
  • Bob
    Looks like this site needs some better writers/editors. Look at what is written: "That generated some pretty good ideas: 1. Reader mumzyleah suggests using . [Yep, that is an idea] 2. The P4D booking service allows you to browse couriers and prices through their custom software that is responsible for sending 100,000 parcels on their way each month. [Whoa. Hold on there. You used a colon, which means a list is about to follow. Then you put '1.' for idea number one. So when you put '2.' I was expecting idea number two. That isn't a different idea, that's further elaboration on the first idea. Ditto goes for '3.'. Altogether you've put three ideas but got the numbering up to five. Shoddy.] Can I write for you instead? I read this because I have a similar problem - I need to ship a 52" LCD TV, so when/if I get it sorted I can post my experience and/or solution. (And, incidentally, that's another problem with the article - it's entitled 'How to ship big stuff around the UK' but doesn't actually explain how. Simply sticking a question mark at the end of that would make the title more accurate.)
  • Andy D.
    @Bob Bring it on.
  • dancrawley
    Charlenexxx used Interparcel, as I suggested - it cost her £10 to send the TV - she messaged me to say thanks. I use Interparcel a lot - I find them very reliable, and offer a good range of services/prices. I am afraid your article is incorrect.
  • gold g.
    The number of of you guys here play WoW and will reroll either a Goblin or a Worgen inside the new expansion?

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