How to sell your stuff on HUKD

The “For Sale/Trade” section of HUKD is a great tool. Unlike eBay, there are no listing or final value fees. You also get to interact in real time with prospective buyers, and as long as your item is reasonably hot, you’ll probably shift it. While the pool of potential buyers is smaller, the chances of making a successful sale are, if anything, better than they would be on a site like eBay. Contrary to popular belief, just because it is a bargain site does not mean you’ll get crap prices on stuff you sell. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

1. Read the rules. Here is a brief summary: you can’t list stuff twice, you can’t sell the same item anywhere else, and you must take pictures of the item you are selling. You’ll also need to post a description of whatever you’re selling. Bear in mind that once an offer has been made or accepted through the discussion thread, all transactions must proceed. All negotiation must take place on the discussion thread. Private messages are for exchange of personal information only. Buyers who spoil threads by posting rubbish risk getting banned, as do those not following the rules.

2. Post good pictures. You can’t post pics in the original post, except for a thumbnail pic, so to increase viewer interest in your item, you can add a second post and insert a link to the picture. Use a site like Imageshack, upload the pics, and place the [img] [/img] tags before and after the link to have them inserted into the post. You can obviously also use the image button to do that. Put a piece of paper with your HUKD username and the date next to the actual item for sale before taking any photos (or just watermark your pics with a program like Google's Picasa). This shows the condition of the actual items and proves that you didn’t copy the photo from another site.

3. Check your thread. Don’t forget to check the thread after you list your item. It’s easy to forget doing this, so one way to remember is to subscribe to your own thread to get updated. Also, make sure you respond to your buyers. Ask those who PM you to post in the thread. They also act as social proof to increase interest in your thread.

4. Post at busy times. Posting something at 3 in the morning is probably not the best time for making a quick sale, so post at times when HUKD is busy. Like most sites, this usually is around lunch or in the evenings when people wind down from their days at work. Your threads don’t rise to the top with each reply, which makes it even more important to pick the right time to post to increase viewings. Let us know if you find the best times to post items from your own experiments in the comments below.

5. Be realistic about how much you can make. You’ll be surprised how well you can do on HUKD selling stuff, but it is also important to be realistic. I’ve sold stuff that probably wouldn’t really fetch as much on a site like Gumtree, while some other items I’ve sold for loads on ebay would not generate much interest, because, of course, HUKDers are awesome. By following some of the steps above, you will maximize the probability of your item being seen by people, to increase perceived value.

6. Build your feedback. Establishing trust on HUKD is not different from building your rep on eBay or any other site. Since most transactions will occur online, you should offer an offline option to collect in person in your area (which also saves you from posting the item), and also start by selling enough smaller and/or cheaper items to build up your positive reputation.

As an alternative to eBay, sellng your stuff on HUKD can save you time, money, and frustration.  As long as you follow the rules, you will successfully list and sell your items on HUKD and optimize your profits.


  • Andre
    And please please please, read 1. the many dont, so many fail and then become bitter by the experience. We need more good traders, and i know the rules seem overwhelming but it will help a lot!
  • anthony
    "on HUKD and optimize your profits." somebody should tell the powers at be over at bitterwallet that profiteering is frowned upon in the fs/ft boards and not allwed according to the fs/ft trade rules which I'm assuming were read before writing this "article".
  • Jonathan B.
    fucking mods suspend you for no reason, atleast you dont get that shit on ebay. p,s rayman is an asswipe.
  • faevilangel
    i wrote a pretty big list for buying and selling on the fs section it should cover most of the reasons why people get scammed also if people spent 10 mins reading the rules, then they won't get suspended, i have never been suspended / infracted as i know the rules and follow them
  • Andre
    @ anthony - optimize your profits in this context means get what you want for it, dont pay ebay and paypal feeds for example @ Jonathan Bibby - The mods ALWAYS have a reason, whether you agree or not (i know i havent on occasion) and you do get 'that shit' on ebay i know many items that have been pulled from ebay due to the moderators there...
  • anthony
    @andre I'm sure it did lol.
  • Gamma911
    I've tried a few times to sell on HUKD and I must admit the admins and mods are so draconian when you don't play the game EXACTLY as you should. For instance if the image isn't posted correctly, something is said which shouldn't be, it seems that for the most part mods and users alike scrutinse your listing to find an error with it and can't wait to gloat and point it out. Whats next - an infraction or a ban... I've sold countless more stuff on Gumtree, and I know thats where I'm selling my next item.
  • Michelle
    To be fair, selling stuff on 'Hot Deals' is rubbish. You won't get a good price for anything, however if you're the one buying it's great.
  • acecatcher3
    i found buying AND selling very useful michelle i guess everyone has different experiences.........vince what is ur username on hukd do you mind saying?
  • Eddy
    HUKD mods are very unforgiving. i made a post earlier this week selling some festival tickets. I listed these on Ebay aswell and obviously it was pulled. Fair enough i thought i should have read the posting rules. So i re-listed another pair i had WHICH WERE NOT ON EBAY. But a mod removed the post because it was deemed as a duplicate post. How can it be duplidate when this was for a second set of tickets and my original was pulled off after a few mins! Secondly but what really annoyed me was my account was suspended this meant i couldnt msg the mod and appeal. So in effect he was, police, judge, juror and executioner! Never in all my years of using Ebay, forums and general internet use have i come accross such a strict and one way process. There is no appeal process and you are given to time to respond if you disagree....its just tough! I appreciate that HUKD want to preserve there site and ensure its as honest and as accurate as possible but that shouldnt mean it comes at the expense of new users and people who want to make full use of the site are hindered by the mods and the draconian processes. I really hope someone at HUKD reads this post and takes on board the feedback to further improve the site and ease of use. Cheers TFEB
  • p
    I think all users that crap stir because they think their mods should be hund by their feet and whipped with barbed wire. Mods are their to do that job NOT YOU you fecking useless arse wipes.
  • knoxy
    p... learn how to spell ffs!!!
  • Gary M.
    Once i farted and some salad leaves fell out but whats weird is I hadnt eaten a salad in ages!?

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