How to make a pug look even stupider...

From the same source as the The Human Centipede cat toy, and representing far better value for money, we offer up to you... the Doggie Boob Scarf!



  • Me
  • John I.
    Bitterwallet has surely reached new lows... Seriously guys, this is crap.
  • Wood c.
    I wonder if it sings Batman ?
  • Michael
    I have now subscribed from your RSS feed. If you've got nothing to say, don't say anything. These bullcrap articles you've been posting recently are a disgrace, and I for one won't be returning. Shame on you.
  • vibeone
    "STUPIDER" you wanker
  • Sam
  • pigsh*t
    stupider is not even a word. haha
  • Jimbo
    I think you are starting to stray from the original intent of this site guys... "We want Bitterwallet to be the place to whinge, bitch, and have a voice in the age of the soulless consumer. The topics we are interested in include consumer hacks/loopholes, insider rumours and tips, privacy, consumer legal, complaints/horrors, cult gadgets, insane deals. We’ve put together a crack team of pissed off consumers including Paul Smith, Andy Dawson and Vince Wong. We’re going to be writing regularly on what’s happening in the news, stories sent in by you, and on the ground reporting of our own. If you have a tip or lead please send it in as we’re eager to sink our bitter teeth into anything juicy." Seriously, how much worse can you get?
  • ryanizzle
    I was about to quote "CONSUMER HACKS, TIPS & NEWS FROM THE TRENCHES OF THE UK DEAL COMMUNITY" and then saw the above. What a shit post
  • zeddy
    So many complainers who are obviously uncomfortable with that pic. If you have a hard-on, just admit it.
  • Mr T.
    Does Michael mean UNsubscribed ? Because if he has we can talk about him and say what a cnutchops he was, if not and he does mean subscribed he seems terribly angry for someone who has just subscribed to a RSS feed on the Internet. Hi Mykey, maybe go for the decaf ?

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