How to lose friends and alienate people - go hands-free

Want to use your mobile hands-free, but simply can't think of the most ridiculous solution? Refuse to consider Bluetooth on the basis you don't want to "look a dick"? Introducing the Cell-Mate, the 20th century solution to a 21st century problem:

Because everyone has probably thought of clamping a phone to their heads at some point, but nobody would ever have the sheer balls to try and sell the idea.

The website does point out the real upside; there's no loss of reception as there might be with Bluetooth. Um, possibly, but how you answer it when a call comes in? Or avoid going deaf when the handset rings? And do you drive around wearing it in case you get a call, or do you put it on once you get a call? In which case, isn't donning the most cumbersome headgear since John Hurt played the Elephant Man going to cause more of a driving hazard?



  • Will
    Mmmmmm tasty radiation.
  • Chris
    Old news, been done before! :P Or if you don't want to spend as much... And if you're feeling brave...
  • Mike H.
    Why don't you just glue the feckin' thing to your sweed?
  • Adam
    Or use the handsfree kit supplied with the iphone. Maybe bogg standard but works.
  • Simon
    Quote: Mike Hock, 'Why don't you just glue the feckin' thing to your sweed? Ah, you've met my boss then, his phone seems to be permanently attached to his ear. Especially when it comes to pay rise time....

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