How to Get Your Money Back With The Visa Debit Chargeback Scheme

Here's a brief on how to claim your money back when using a Visa Debit card by applying the Visa Debit chargeback scheme: The newly implemented Visa Debit Chargeback scheme is just what the name implies; a consumer protection plan that guarantees a refund when you do not receive proper goods or services.

Just as Section 75 protects your credit cards, with a Visa Debit you have 120 days to file a chargeback claim with your card issuer if you are the victim of fraud or if your seller doesn't deliver. The only problem with this line of action is that call centre employees are still learning about the scheme, so they may tell you that you don't have the consumer coverage when in fact you do. A spokesperson for Visa said,

“The word 'Chargeback' is sometimes not recognised because the process has only recently begun to be used widely by consumers. If someone does have an issue with call centre or branch staff, they should persevere with their claim by asking to speak to a supervisor."

It also doesn't help that most call centres are no where near the UK, and that the terms for most bank visa cards differ. If you wish to learn more you, read this thread on the Consumer Action Group, detailing the process further.

[via The Guardian]


  • UK B.
    [...] Even with this, most have no idea that their kids are making these purchases, with only 6% realizing that their children have access to their credit card info and only 2% thinking their children could have done such a thing.   So the next time you don’t recognise a bill on the credit card, you might want to check with the kids before running around flashing a Section 75 card. [...]
  • Paul L.
    I have just been scammed £386 through a paypal transaction, paypal says there is only best effort protection to get money back , my bank the halifax say my card is like a debit card although it it a blue one and says Visa Debit in big letters. The bank won't help.
  • Know B.
    [...] year, we posted a few pieces on section 75 and the visa debit chargeback scheme. In recent months, as the economy has continued to sputter and more retailers are going under, an [...]
  • Hugolover
    My bank tells me it is 120 days from the date of the transaction, not 120 days from discovering the problem. Which is right? Does VISA chargeback on a credit card differ from on a debit card in the way the process works. Completely ignoring section 75.
  • tigereye
    Do you need to wait 30 days before you can claim a chargeback?
  • holly
    I have just been in touch with my bank about this - my money that shouldn't have gone out happened on 19 sep, but I didn't realise and only contacted the company two weeks ago. My bank was very helpful, and I am to contact them to resolve the problem when it has been 30 days from when the issue was raised, not 30 days after the date of the charge. Fingers crossed when I call in two weeks it will be resolved...
  • holly
    just read that again, the charge in question was 19 aug, not sep - way over 30 days ago, but it isn't 30 days since I disputed it, so the company (who I can't get hold of cos it turns out they don't exist) haven't had time to be able to resolve my complaint.
  • Mark
    Hi guys, I write with regards some advice or guidance regarding Visa Debit Chargeback Scheme For a damaged items received. I placed an order online on eBay for an Apple iPod Touch MP3 Player on the 11/12/2010 and paid through PayPal with my Sandander Visa Debit Card. However, upon receiving the item and opening the envelope, I was surprised and shocked to find the plastic box cracked and shattered and the iPod screen cracked. I contacted the seller immediately at the time of delivery, taken photos of the damaged item at the time, and also spoken to the Royal Mail for some advice. The Royal Mail customer support person I spoken to was surprised that the sender did not send the item by the Special Delivery service, which offers a compensation level of £500 to cover the value of them item. Furthermore, I was informed that because the sender sent the £210 item by 1st Class Signed For post, the item is only covered to the value of £39 compensation level. I'm gobsmacked and devastated. Royal Mail have stated that it is the sellers fault for not using the adequate protective packaging materials to send the item to me in the first place, and that the seller also did not use the correct service with the correct amount of compensation level. Long story short, the seller is now not helping and refusing to accept responsibility for the damage, and I am currently out of pocket for £210.00. Therefore, my question is, am I able to dispute the transaction and place a chargeback on my Santander Visa Debit Card? I have called my bank, and they said I cannot chargeback the item, because I have received the item. Nevertheless, I read on the BBC website that the follow: ================================================================================================================== I have a Visa debit card, but my bank says it hasn't heard of the Chargeback scheme. What should I do? Unfortunately, a number of Working Lunch viewers have found this. But a spokesperson for Visa Europe stressed that all legitimate claims that abide by the terms and conditions should be dealt with. He told us that all banks who are members of the scheme should comply with the rules. The members include Nationwide, Barclays, Halifax, and Lloyds TSB. So you will just have to insist, or ask to speak to someone more senior. ================================================================================================================== Can you please offer some direction or advice if at all possible on my rights and paths to follow? Many thanks in advance
  • Jon L.
    I work in a bank in the Disputes department and help raise chargebacks. It may be too late now but the correct procedure that your bank SHOULD have told you to return the item via recorded delivery (at your own expense I'm afraid) to the retailer who would then have 15 days (or 30 depending on your bank) to reimburse you the full amount (minus return packaging) or with a working item, if not your bank could raise a chargeback to claim the amount. Sorry it's so late
  • michael s.
    i bought tickets for my partner and have just found out it was a scame i paid in nov 2010 and have just found out i paid on my visa debit card and was looking to see what i need to do to claim the money back
  • James E.
    I went to a business workshop and paid upfront with my halifax visa debit cad £1300 and five monthly payments £305. I have now found out the whole event was misleading and was scammed out of my money.I contacted halifax about the 120 day rule and was basically told cant help you.I was under the impression halifax would credit my account and investigate the company. Any advice welcome.
  • Tony W.
    Hi I have recently (2 weeks) purchased a receiver online (with Visa Debit ), but after setting it it was found to be faulty. Having read some posts above i will be visiting my back to ask about the chargeback method. But am i right in saying that i should send the faulty item back to the company ? Before i do any thing ? Thanks
  • margaret s.
    hi i booked my holiday with on the beach but have been told that holidays 4 you went bust i paid for it by visa debit can i claim my money back from the bank how long dose it take
  • pritz
    hi i booked my holiday with 'holidays 4 you', but then went bust, i paid for it by visa debit, but i wanted to know if i can claim my money back from the bank how long would it take? Thanks.
  • mary m.
    I paid for webdesign company to re-design my website. I paid 30% up front through halifax. The designer done all the work on the site but hasn't handed over to my new cart. I've been sending loads of emails now with no reply. I was wanting to know if i will be able to do a chargeback for this service not being completed.
  • Dave A.
    Hi, I am going through the visa debit chargeback process now and its a nightmare because bank staff dont know or understand the rule, while i was searching i found it very hard to find any information, try putting this into the google search bar, you will be glad you did. Card acceptance and chargeback management guidlines for visa merchants
  • Dianne
    Hi, I purchased UGG boots from a website three weeks ago. I tracked my parcel and it was said that it has been handed in for customs. I emailed parcelforce about it and thaty said that my parcel may have been detained and I should call uk border agency and so I did. At this time they told me that they don't have the record of my parcel yet and that I should wait fro 2 more days. Also they told me that the boots that I've purchased might be a counterfeit/fake. They told me that when they receive my parcel, they would take it to the authorised ugg boots 'checker' to see if it is genuine or fake. I'm starting to think that the ugg boots I purchased is fake but I'm still waiting for the response of uk border agency. Will I be able to use the Visa Debit Chargeback in case the boots I purchased turns out to be a fake? And what must I do? I would really appreciate your help, thank you very much!!!
  • Kerry
    Dear Dianne, I stupidly purchased a Barcour counterfeit, and two of them arrived which weren't what I ordered and to top it all a counterfeit. I am going to contact my back tonight to ask about whether I can claim back my money via the Visa Debit Chargeback..not sure that's going to happen but I'm trying none the less. Can you let me know how you get on pls...or if anybody else has had any success doing the same thing? Many thanks
  • Alex
    Dianne, I've had the exact same thing, got a letter from customs today saying my boots weren't real and they were going to be destroyed. I paid on my visa debit so I'll go to my bank tomorrow and try and sort it. Do you have any e-mail addressed from the site? I can't find the e-mail I had confirming my order and would like to e-mail the company as the customs letter said I should.
  • Stephen G.
    Hi there guys, I recently made a purchase online (13th Jan) on eBay for £129.99 and paid via visa debit not PayPal.. The seller has since not contacted me at all and not sent me any item! I opened a return cas to which he didn't reply (Understandable as he thinks he has ripped me off) I was wondering how I would go about getting my money back - eBay says they can't get the money back for me (Was payed via visa debit). How long should I wait before contacting the bank and am I legible for this policy? Thanks
  • Dee
    I recently paid for a ticket from for a flight with Kingfisher Airlines. Two weeks before the flight I received an e-mail saying the flight would be cancelled and no alternative can be offered. I know now from the media that the airline is in financial difficulty. As I booked through a broker I approached them direct although it is they are in fact based in Germany. All e-mails sent generate an auto generated returned e-mail asking to telephone. I have tried to telephone them many times asking for a refund as I need to use the money to book another flight but as yet nothing has been forthcoming 4 weeks have now passed. I contacted my bank Santander as I paid by debit card and the initial operator did not know what a chargeback was so I asked to speak to a superviser. She arranged for someone to call me back within 3 mins took all the details and gave me a reference dispute number. I don't know whether I will be successful in getting my money back £640 but I live in hope...
  • stephen
    Kerry unfortunately i did the same How did you get on with your bank ? I paid £215 for two Barbour coats and asked natwest for the number to start the charge back possess and was give the number for the HMRC i rang them back and they denied ever giving me the number . cheers Steve
  • jh
    Partner has just had a bad experience with paypal and ebay, Someone hacked into my account and used the registered credit card for over £500 purchase. They did not realise that the registered credit card was in a different name to the paypal account and did a transaction on behalf of someone that does not exist. Paypal were less than useless and promised to do absolutely nothing !!! said there was no grounds for complaint. If the card transaction had been processed correctly they would have realized that John Smith is a combination of John Jones and Julie Smith !! (for example) We took it to the bank Natwest and they were brilliant !!! Investigated it and it has been sent to the fraud squad and issued new card. PAYPAL ACCOUNT CLOSED EBAY CLOSED .... BUNCH OF CROOKS !!!
  • Lianne O.
    I recently paif £300 to on the beach holidays for a hotel in Ibiza. I mistakenly booked 24th June, instead of 24th July. I only realised when I received the email confirmation booking. I tried to change the date, but that wasn't an option so I cancelled the holiday. I received a message to say you have successfully cancelled your booking. You will receive an email within 48 hours outlining how you can claim your refund. I hadn't heard anything from on the beach so I called them this evening. The Customer Service Adviser notified me I was not entitled to a refund as it is too close to departure date. I asked if I could transfer the amount onto another hotel and she said sorry you have lost the full cost of your booking now. The customer service I received was very poor; she was somewhat rude and abrupt! Is there anything I can do, possibly with the Visa Debit Chargeback scheme. I paid by Halifax Visa Debit.
    My brother suggested I might like this website. He used to be entirely right. This submit truly made my day. You cann't imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thanks!
  • ella
    same thing that happened to Diane above just happened to me, thats why I m looking at this website, the problem is that I bought the UGGs boots from and though I was buying the original ones, make things worst they charge me one price with delivery £85 and toke another amount from the bank £91 and send a receive of $15 with the boots, I m too disappoint as before open the package you can notice the boots are fake, and don't know what to do as I contact the website and they told me to not return the boots back to the address on the package as its not they address and told me to give the pair of boots to a friend and buy another!
  • Michelle
    Please please someone help. We are tearing our hair out. We paid sky 164.50 on 12th December 2012 and two weeks later it gets cut of. We call sky they said bill was not paid After numerous calls sky told us the bank requested a chargeback onto card so they sent the money back. We called the bank who have no knowledge of this. We call sky again who says the bank have the money. We call bank and they can't locate it. Two weeks later still no further. Sky say they sent the money back onto our card yet the bank have no idea. Just don't know what to do
  • sdb
    brought items from china, nothing arrived. been waiting since november. paid by visa debit.. can i claim???
  • sdb
    paid 730.00
  • debby
    hi michelle same happened to me end of november after 2 weeks of phoning sky and halifax find out visa recalled money and it in a suspend account i had to dispute this and as of this morning they still looking into it i will recieve a letter sometime?when they have heard back from sky who they have tried to contact twice no reply as yet ,just have to wait i suppose until someone can be bothered.
  • paula
    I paid a salon for the removal of thread veins which she guaranteed would disappear with the treatment, however 4 weeks later I still have the veins and more have appeared. I paid on my visa debit card so not a credit card...can I chargeback?
  • Raymond T.
    When you pay a high street retailer at the time of ordering using a Santander Visa Debit Card are you covered against a loss if the retailer goes out of business before the goods are delivered.
  • m w.
    how and can you supplky visa debit card transaction claims forms with any and all relevant infomation applicable 4 Pitman Street, Pontcanna, Cardiff. CF11 9DJ
  • m w.
    how and can you supply visa debit card transaction claims forms with any and all relevant infomation applicable 4 Pitman Street, Pontcanna, Cardiff. CF11 9DJ
    I bought a token for a Balloon Flight for my daughter and her 3 friends to celebrate her 21st Birthday. The total cost was £420.00 - I made this payment with Go-Ballooning over the telephone. Since then I had booked 4 flights and each time Go-Ballooning cancelled, the reason being poor weather conditions! On Thursday of last week, I received a notification on Facebook that Go-Ballooning had ceased trading and gone into liquidation. In the following few days, several people on Facebook, had recommend what could be done in order to get a refund of the money people have paid to Go-Ballooning. One of them said to contact either the Credit Card or Debit Card company through which we paid and ask them to sort it out and hopefully get a refund on our behalf. As I paid using my Nationwide Visa Debit Card, I telephoned Nationwide. I told them the whole story and asked if they could help! They said because the transaction for payment of the balloon flight was paid more than 13 months ago, that unfortunately they could do nothing to help. Please tell me if Nationwide can refuse to help? According to several websites, I can put in a claim upto 120 days from when they were supposed to give me the goods I paid for OR 120 days from the date of when the company went into liquidation. Please help! So, you can imagine I am not very happy and I am asking you "where does leave me"? In your opinion do I have a realistic chance in recuperating my money back? I would be very grateful for any advice on what to do next in order to get my money back.
  • Zoe P.
    Jackie I'm having the same problem with Go Ballooning. I paid in Sept 2011! I have just submitted a charge back claim to my bank on the basis that I am claiming within 120 days of the problem coming to light. I think it's also arguable that as I've not had the flight yet, the day that the goods are due to me is the next flight date I've booked ( 2 weeks today) and so I'm still within 120 days. Good luck!
  • David
    Dear all, I have had similar issues with dodgy deals, bank errors, and fraudulent sellers. Most of the above advice, particularly by professionals, is misleading and or incorrect. The time limits are *way* longer than stated. You have *over a year* in most cases, and the limit for taking legal action is *six* years from the date you knew there was a problem. For your own benefit, you should visit and the citizens advice bureau site. Most of you should start the small claims process at court. This is easy, cheap, painless and does not involve lawyers on either side. Anyone can, most should.
  • David
    Paula: write a polite letter asking for a refund. If there is no suitable reply, use the citizens advice bureau's template to demand. If no joy, simply sue. And it is simple.
  • joseph r.
    Hi my name is joseph ramos. on the 02/05/2012 i have a sum of £56.98 taken from my bank acct using the acc n 10425484 sort code 981060inreletion of a fligth from belfast to manchester on eazyjet wich i never used but wad charged can i get the money back? I did got in contact with the comp in question but they said no my only chance is u.
  • Mags
    dear all i purchased a pair of ugg boots from uggs australia they were sent to me from china i found out they were fakes , i paid for them with my visa debit card they would not accept my credit card .they promised me a refund five weeks ago still not received the refund how can i get it back will the bank help me
  • sandra w.
    dear all purched table/chairs from grs global 16/4/2014 chairs arrived 18/4/2014 table arrived 22/4/2014 in a state damaged nowhere for the legs to be fittedthey were lying in the bottom of the box and the legs were damaged i paid £220.00 for this worthless dining room suite can i get my money back
  • Graham
    Purchased a Note 3 on website, thought in the UK I'm covered, however after ordering I went on a search and they have bad feedback, it was a Saturday so same day canceled by their cancellation link. Online banking Immediately showed payment held but not debited, called Halifax and was told disputes at Halifax closed on Sunday and to call back Monday morning, so 24 hrs of payment held the Halifax telephone banking could not help. Monday morning contacted bank and the payment had gone through and was told allow a refund time. I called simplyelectronics and after 30 mins was told they will cancel it and refund up to 10 days ? 7 days and I am still waiting, phone gets hung up after waiting 20 mins, £331 is too much to let go, who do I complain to ? Supposed to be a UK company and this Skrill Moneybookers payment scheme makes you think your covered with their boasting. What does one do ?
  • alan s.
    all these comments are all well and good,but i dont see anybody saying they got a refund ,
  • john s.
    hi. i paid a £450 deposit for a car on my visa debit. 3 weeks on and im still waiting for said car. the dealer has a fault light on the dash and is still trying to fix the problem. when i asked for my deposit back he said no, it will be fixed soon. can anyone help?
  • Aron M.
    Hi, I buy phones all the time from eBay. This particular month I had purchased many samsung galaxy note 2s. For whatever reason, they weren't reselling as fast as they had been & the number of phones I had in storage was building up. So I had about 20 phones lying about. I paid for the phone from a seller on eBay for £160 at the end of May. It was advertised as in good working condition. The phone arrived. I never tested it thoroughly as I was very busy and I also assumed I had 45 days to test it & make a claim if there was an issue. It looked like it was working as there were full signal bars on the screen. Whenever I have had an issue with a phone, it was always asking for a pin code, or the signal is non-existent or there would be a "no symbol" on the screen. Also the fact the seller had a near 100% feedback with over 300 transactions threw me. I put the phone on the shelf waiting it's time to be sold. My brother rang me a few weeks later and needed a phone. I picked up the phone off the shelf. By this time the phone hadn't been charged for weeks and the battery was weak, so I quickly showed him there was signal & the computer part of the phone worked i.e. Wi-Fi & software, touchscreen etc... He didn't have a sim card with him and neither did I, so we never tested whether or not it would make calls. He rang me the following day saying he couldn't ring anyone from the handset. We tested the phone by trying to make a call and the same message kept on coming up - "not registered on network". I contacted the seller on eBay as his registered phone number was answered by someone who had never heard of the seller. Mailed him through eBay & he lied & said the phone was working when he sent it. I had 45 days to make a case from payment, so I expected paypal to help. At the time, I honestly thought the phone was just faulty, so I made a case against him explaining to paypal resolution centre that the phone was not reading sim cards. They ruled against me as I had taken so long to make a dispute and I should have checked the phone as soon as I received it – even though it was within the 45 day claim period. Then I had that realisation – maybe the phone is barred/blocked. So I made up a list of the popular network providers and rang each one by one giving them the imei number to see if the phone was barred by them. After about hour on the phone I found out the phone was barred by 3 network a month before it was sold to me. The customer advisor at 3 told me the phone was reported stolen/lost but could not give me any information regarding the phone owner, could not unbar the phone and would not make a report that the phone had been sold on! He couldn’t/wouldn’t even send out an email or letter to paypal proving this. I took the phone to a phone shop and confirmed it was barred & reported stolen/lost probably for insurance purposes rather than faulty. I rang up paypal immediately with this information thinking they would act upon this and they were extremely obstructive and in trying to help me. The “investigative” claims department would not ring the phone network 3 to confirm the phone was barred. Something about they needed documentative proof if ever the seller decided to take them to court. They said they had used a third party website and found the phone not listed barred and would not reverse the decision. I asked them which website they were using and they refused to tell me. Extremely frustrating! No common sense. She was just trying her best to fob me off. I asked her, “am I allowed to sell stolen goods on eBay ?” and she replied no, “so if someone has sold me one on eBay why won’t you help me?” and she couldn’t answer. After more minutes of arguing with the woman on the end of the line to see sense, she asked me to get a document from an unbias third party, such as a dealer or repair shop qualified in mobile phones that the phone was infact barred and could not be fixed. The document had to be on a letterhead that included the details of the business so they could contact them. So after jumping through all these hoops, I provided them with that information & sent it. I thought that would be it, but no… Paypal resolution dispute centre is so rigid, even with proof that I was sold a barred phone they still denied the appeal. This time the reason was because “the information was insufficient to appeal”. Baffled, I rang them up again as I had done exactly as they asked. This time they explained that they had to follow my original complaint, in which I had claimed the phone wasn’t registering sim cards and not that the phone was barred. To someone who had never come across a barred phone, how was I supposed to know the phone was barred ? Anyway he said they were not going to change their minds and I was left with a bitter taste in my mouth. I did some googling and read about chargebacks. I have phoned my bank Halifax and I’m in the process of seeing if I can get my money back from Paypal and prod the resolution centre into doing their job properly and investigate why they have allowed a seller to sell a phone reported lost/stolen. I’m also no longer going to use paypal in the future. I think using a credit card is far safer .
  • Gemma h.
    Hi I purchased a car and within one week the roof was leaking. Can I use chargeback scheme on cars if it's a serious fault?
  • leanne f.
    l paid for a pair of trainers for my daughter from this website ,l paid from my debit card ,they took the payment strait from my bank this was on the 22nd of sept ,l have emailed the place and have not had one email back from them l am starting to get really worried now as l am thinking l have been scammed ,has any one else used this website please or help me as to if l can try get my money back from halifax
  • mrs y.
    i was helping my daughter move house last week and gave my grandson, that is the age of 10 my mobile phone to play on whilst we was busy unpacking, he was playing on a game called clash of the clan, he had a update come through to say to pay £2.99 to continue the game, and as it kept him occupied whist we was busy, i agreed and paid it for him.. the following day he had the same again, and as he was enjoying it, i agreed this and again payed another £2.99.. only last night i had read my e-mails to say that my grandson was able to keep agreeing to update by himself and it was'nt charging him only the £2.99 anymore but upto £69.99 at a time!! he has ran a bill of £1,952.75p on my paypal account.. I have rang citizens advice and got nowhere, been to the bank and got nowhere, rang paypal up and was told to now do this?? iam ever going to get anywhere with this? this was our savings and we are in fear that we are never going to see it again, surely this is never rite? please help..
  • Nina
    Ordered from Gearbest 4 items the promised 3-5 days when nothing came i emailed them they gave me a false tracking number! A false shipping number?! Promised a refund but did not give it back! I have 5 children with no christmas preaents thanks to this scam £186 taken from my lloyds debit visa account, i logged into my facebook account to joun Gearbest & they said payment was made into their paypal account £186 inc insurance i am so mad & gutted for my kids, i doubt i get my money back they have lied in emails (at least 20!) China company!!! I can hardly ring them or turn up at their office... #Gearbest scam company
  • Karen D.
  • tracy w.
  • peter j.
    sir/madame. quick can i claim back money on my debit card that i used for drink at a pub in bangkok, i think i have been scamed, did not realise as i do not use my card in pubs, i had a bit too much to drink but they took advantage, the total amount was £232.00, i can,t spend that in 2 days, please advise. yours sincerely peter jaram.

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