How to get a 5-star rating on Uber

If you use Uber, you might be really keen to get yourself a 5-star rating. Of course, that rating is stored by Uber, so drivers can see if you're a massive pain in the arse or not, and can avoid you if you have been nothing but trouble.

Firstly, if you want to find out what your rating is, you can contact customer support. Secondly, what are the ways of making sure you're rated well by your Uber driver?

Well, here's a picture for you, which was displayed on the back seat of an Uber driver's cab.

uber rules

Obviously, this driver is very keen to get a good rating themselves, saying: "Please let me know what I can do to make this a 5 STAR EXPERIENCE for you! I will do my absolute best to give you a clean, comfortable and most importantly a safe environment during our time together. If there is anything I can improve on please let me know!"

For you, it is pretty straightforward - don't be rude, don't make a mess of the car, or anything like that. You can click the picture above to expand, or click here.

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    Ease up on the exclamation marks would by my first suggestion.

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