How to Get 40% Off Alcohol Before the End of UK Happy Hours will be announcing plans in 10 days' time to tackle the problem of binge drinking in the UK, by likely banning happy hours and 'all you can drink' deals. 

We know that alcohol abuse is a problem in this country.  We are spending around £25 billion a year on this, of which £2.7 billion is wasted on the NHS.  The drinks industry has failed miserably to curb binge drinking- mostly because it is obviously not in their best interest.   

The announcement will however coincide with the start of the holiday season.  The aim is to 'tackle' the rise in alcohol related offense at that time of the year, but banning happy hours does not target the heart of the British drinking culture problem. As Don Shenker, Chief exec of Alcohol Concern, said:

“If introduced, these measures will not go far enough to tackle binge drinking. Some of the biggest culprits in fuelling binge drinking and anti-social behaviour are supermarkets and off-licenses who sell alcohol very cheaply.

Thankfully, for those of us planning to drown our recession sorrows over a BOGOF shot of whiskey, some early preparation might help.  Print out this 40% off Threshers / Wine Shop Voucher, valid until December 2nd.  Bearing in mind, that they do mark up the RRP at about 25% above market prices.  If you find a store that lets you combine it with the 3 for 2 offers, we'd love to know.

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