How not to deform your children's hands

Our fingers are ruined, according to Tomich, and it's only getting worse as future generations get exposed to video games and keyboard at an earlier age. And we have computers, video games, 'ergonomic keyboards' and rheumatoid arthritis to thanks for this life long destruction.

Tomich illustrates this via his blog with a series of marked photos (like the one to the right) marking out changes in our fingers from using a variety of 'repetitive' activities that are causing our skeletons to deform.

His main point is that children who start certain activities at a very young age (under eight) often create life long osteo-pathology, because their skeletal systems are still under development:

"Children develop the injuries because their bones are too soft (not calcified hard) and readily yield to the strong repeating forces," writes Tomich on his web site (itself the result of 5 1/2 years of unofficial research). "The permanent and accumulative damage from these forces is silently inflicted without pain because of the numbing effects they deliver to the soft bones."

Tomich suggests not letting children play video games until 8, and to hold the crayons back until they turn 5 (with the exception of American Idol judge Simon Cowell who Paula Abdul should have gifted crayons with at an earlier age, as that clearly worked well for him, recently). You can look at these photos on Tomich's website showing the changes in fingers, some apparently from just being on the Nintendo 64 for 3 months.

They seem a bit excessive, but since I've started blogging more and more, I must say that lately with my fingers and wrists seemingly cracking a bit more than usual ( (I love you guys, really), so any tips on keeping me as far away from early onset arthritis would be reassuring...

[Mike Tomich via Gizmodo]


  • Celticsun
    Suppose its no different to wearing trainers, that causes your toes to curl inward during development
  • Darren
    So my child cant crayon or paint till he's 5? I think children should play video games, as long as its not to excessive, my little 3 year old is kick ass on the Wii sports and i gave him a quick go of Hawks on the PS3, he's wicked. but he plays on it for 30 minutes max at a time.
  • The B.
    "How not to deform your children’s hands" Simple things like: Don't keep them in a hidden room under your house Make sure their mother isn't also your daughter
  • Zeddy
    "so any tips on keeping me as far away from early onset arthritis would be reassuring…" Keep your wanking spanners moisturised with Oil of Oyeh!
  • Joff
    So what's the perfect way to ensure a child's skeletal system isn't compromised by modern day influences? Force them to wear cogs and clean chimneys?
  • cheapskate
    The tip of my right middle finger is slightly bent due to holding a pen - remember them? This nutcase Tomich suggests we shouldn't even write until we're five? God help us - he wants the whole world to be a retarded as the US. There is some weird freaky fingered action on that website though. Maybe they are just inbred freaks and it's got nothing to do with gaming.
  • oliverreed
    My right hand looks a lot different to my left, the difference got a lot worse during my teens, haven't a clue why :P
  • Weiner
    That guys just got messed up hands.
  • Joff
    @oliverreed Didn't mamma teach you to use your lefty? It feels like a real person and everything!
  • pauski
    @JOFF - 4.55pm - you do mean cloggs? Otherwise, thats heavy.
  • Dooble
    Hmm, looking at my fingers now, and I can see mine are all bend and distorted. Now I did play my fair share of video games in my youth. But I'm gonna hazard a guess and put the real reason they are distored is that over the years no less than 7 of them have been broken whilst playing football (yes, the FOOT version, just i was a keeper ;) ) Mebbie all youth level sports should use sponge balls only. Also must be played indoors incase its a bit chilly..........
  • rob
    Its true my little girl wore a bonnett when she was born and now she is 16 her head is nearly the shape of a pea nut....Honest...what a load of anything to excess and of course it will have some kind of effect on the body.....its the same old story of stop wiping your nose and use a tissue or you will wipe your nose off your face one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Phill
    I would call this evolution...
  • crm
    Ive tryed to watch her show, I cant get past the first ten minuets.the words "dumbing down of America comes to mind" I stoped watching AI because of her.

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