How not to advertise effectively...

Does this make you think 'Yes, I'll call that number - they're probably the perfect people for me to sell my house to'? If so, you are possibly an idiot.




  • PokeHerPete
    Shit, you guys are excelling yourselves today! Ive upgraded my Skype and now Ive found a buyer for my house! Thanks!
  • Bob
    Completely unrelated, but how fucked-off does that duck look on the right?
  • Brad
    Some someone left a shitty trolley in your front room you have the hump as well.
  • any a.
    from 50 quid to a hundred grand. we buy any house.
  • zark
    Correct me if I'm wrong. Finsbury Park, Seven Sisters Road entrance. Do I win a prize?
  • katsumitsu
    Ah you beat me to the punch. No I doubt you'll win a prize
  • Father J.
    Riding in a basket on the back of an elephant?
  • PaulH
    "If so, you are possibly an idiot." Possibly an idiot? I think if you rang this number to sell your home YOU ARE AN IDIOT
  • klingelton
    finsbury park backwards is krapy rub snif.
  • BobF
    The "we buy any car" adverts should be banned. Not least because its probably not "any" car and not "from £50" either.
  • Andy D.
    That person is tiny...
  • Bazinga
    I read it as horses. Do they buy horses too?
  • One F.
    I've just rang them but they aren't interested in my daughters dolls house from the early learning centre.
  • delrio
    @ andy: i was going to ask why there was a midget with an umbrella in the pic
  • Leee Seems to be in the US too. They must be making a lot of money to go international.

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