How Independent is GrabOne's press coverage?

If a newspaper or a journalist promotes a product they have a financial or personal interest in, the fact is usually disclosed; it's important so nobody can be accused of abusing their position or trying to hoodwink their audience.

The Irish Independent is heavily promoting an article for a daily deals website called GrabOne:

Irish Independent

It's not actually a new website, or even a recent story - the feature was published in June. There's nothing in the wording to suggest it's an advert or that the writer may have any reason to be overtly positive about the service, which it is - the feature reads like GrabOne's mum wrote it:

Bitterwallet - Irish Independent GrabOne

A quick check of the GrabOne website, and all becomes clear:

We are owned by a joint venture between Independent News & Media plc and IdeaHQ Ltd.

Readers will trust editorial over advertising because the former is perceived as being trustworthy. It's dead obvious to you, the avid Bitterwallet reader that the article is a blatant plug, but not everyone's as sharp as you - if it is meant to be so obvious, then the newspaper shouldn't have an issue telling readers it's making money from the service.


  • Dick
    Most micks are bankrupt anyway, so probably couldn't give a fuck.
  • Do O.
    Looks like INM have just 'grabbed' Groupon's identity and passed it off as their own. Independent, my arse.

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