How funny are you? Find out with Microsoft

As part of their education programme, Microsoft has put together a lengthy guide to humour. Imagine HAL explaining the concept of humour to a geography teacher, and you begin to appreciate the tone of the guide. Still, you'll be left in no doubt as to the exact level of humour you are capable of achieving, because the guide kicks things off with a look at proficiency levels:

Bitterwallet - Microsoft Proficiency Levels of Humour

We like to think of humour as a uniting dynamic, too. Who doesn't? Why did the pervert cross the road? Because his cock was stuck in the chicken. Something there to unite deviants and sociologists. Thanks, Microsoft!


  • andy y.
    I'm really and fun to be around.If you don't agree you are a fu cking retard.
  • andy y.
    and I can't handle basic grammer
  • Amanda H.
    {WTF IS DIS REAL} phrase ETA 3m15s
  • David C.
    WTF IS DIS REAL? (sorry i'm late)
  • Paul M.
    @ amanda huggandkiss I digg your style man.
  • raptorcigs b.
    who wants a fucking fight?
  • Amanda H.
    Me!? Though It depends who we're fucking?
  • Jack
    I have a Microsoft Level 4 certificate in humour,'re jelous, and I'm a real hit with the ladies
  • wonky h.
    @amanda foxes?
  • Amanda H.
    Ok, but no fat ones.

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