House of Lords want BOGOFs to bog off?

bogofSome say politicians live in ivory towers, divorced from the real life the rest of us have to face, and perhaps none more so than those unelected bods in the House of Lords. Not that that stops them meddling in the lives of the little people, and the latest tirade to emerge from the maroon benches is denigrating supermarket offers.

Specifically, the House of Lords European Union Committee is particularly dismayed by the ever-popular BOGOF offers, claiming that, rather than saving shoppers money, these bargains just lead to excess food waste.

Committee chair Baroness Scott of Needham Market described it as ‘morally repugnant’ that at least 90million tonnes of food were dumped each year in the EU, including 15million in Britain.

“We are calling on the new European Commission, which will be appointed in November this year, to publish a five-year strategy for reducing food waste across the EU, and to do so within six months of taking office,” she said.

“We are urging supermarkets to look again at offers such as ‘buy one get one free’, which can encourage excess consumption, which leads to food waste.”

She also suggests “tax incentives” might be employed in order to “encourage” supermarkets to ensure unsaleable food goes for actual human consumption, such as through food banks.

So is this the beginning of the end for BOGOFs? And how will it impact on your pocket? Or is the committee right, and it will just make your wheelie bin lighter?

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  • youngy
    People need to wise up to supermarket pricing. BOGOF one week, BTGTF next week, all the time adjusting actual price. Just keep prices low and stop forcing people to buy more than they need

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