HotUKDeals tops Google Zeitgeist 2008!

Google has just released its Zeitgeist list for 2008 which aggregates the search results recorded through the year to find the fastest rising search terms. As HUKD member MinstrelMan noted if it wasn't for a certain Icelandic bank going bust the term "hot uk deals" would have hit number one. As is "hot uk deals" was the second fastest rising finance related search in the UK for 2008!

[Google Zeitgeist 2008

Thanks to computerbar for the screen cap and saintscouple for spotting the mention!


  • acecatcher3
    i lol when ppl say that they save so much money on hukd, those ppl must b really strict on their budget.....hukd makes me spend loads more than i usually least im paying less for all of it tho :S
  • Mike H.
    Funny, people search for the latest on their savings, because they're so worried in this time of economic uncertainty, then have a quick look on HUKD for what they can spend their money on, twits.
  • acecatcher3
    i agree mike, i just maxed out my credit card, but its ok, ill just pay for it all with my other credit card....thatl b ok wont it? if not ill just take out my shares in an icelandic bank.
  • Martin B.
    [...] Google Zeitgeist report that came out this week had Martin Lewis as one of the top searched people in the UK. On the back [...]

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