HotUKDeals Of The Year - Friday 15th July

hukd_logob1 Wind up what we’re certain has probably been the worst week of your entire life with a little bit of light relief and brain training. It’s our regular, irregular True Or False Friday version of Deals Of The Day of course. Stop moping at the back!

The rules are simple – marvel at the bargains (courtesy of HotUKDeals) and then try to get your melon around the cunning facts (or non-facts) that accompany them. Oh, and all of last week’s facts were non-facts. Meaning that they were FALSE.

977359_1THE DEAL: A 200-chip leather poker set – down from its RRP of £34.99 to only £9.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? The leather playing cards in this set are fireproof, bulletproof and can be used at depths of up to 20,000 feet. It is also edible and the chips can be melted down to make a delicious accompanying sauce.

977551_1THE DEAL: Orange Lisbon mobile phone, with £60 free credit – yours for only £30.

TRUE OR FALSE? While a bargain, the phone will only pick up a signal in Lisbon itself, or any town or city whose name is an anagram of Lisbon. And Lisburn in Northern Ireland. And oddly, Nantucket. We’re rambling now.

977790_1THE DEAL: Toy Story 3 triple play edition. Four discs, with Blu-ray, DVD and digital download included. Only £7.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? Parents of very young children should be warned that this is the special edition of the film, which includes Lotso reprising the Captain Koons ‘watch up the ass’ scene from Pulp Fiction.

(deals found by HUKD members godofwar7, pmackers and bungleboots)

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