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hukd_logob1 Half-drunk, bloated and deranged by the wazzing up of the festive calendar, our regular True Or False Friday has become True Or False Tuesday (it IS Tuesday today isn’t it?)

Here’s the best of the latest post-Christmas bargains from HotUKDeals, along with some unusual statements that may or may not be true or false. Hmmm…

568496THE DEAL:  A tuxedo – for only £20. Cut a dash at your New Year party while probably giving off tremendous amounts of static electricity.

TRUE OR FALSE?  If all of the tuxedos sold in the UK in the past ten years were made into a series of ‘super-tuxedos’ there would be enough of them to dress as many as 120 Angels Of The North. This would take into account the fact that the Angels’ freakishly long arms would require an unconventional-looking tuxedo.

568404THE DEAL:  Bioshock for a Windows PC – downloadable for only £3.49, down from its regular price of £13.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  If every man, woman and child in the UK downloaded Bioshock today, enough electricity would be used to boil 70,000 kettles the size of elephants, using up enough water to completely drown the city of Bristol. Apart from some of the suburbs on the outskirts – they would be more or less fine.

chicken_baby_largeTHE DEAL:  Two large whole roast, ready-cooked chickens for only £5.00. One on its own is usually £4.19. Cor, and indeed, bwark!

TRUE OR FALSE?  If every chicken eaten in the UK every year was actually a pencil, there would be enough pencils to fill St Paul’s Cathedral, assuming that the cathedral was only half its actually size and that the pencils were roughly 30% larger than regular pencils, and without rubbers on the end.

(deals found by HUKD members deasyb, StephenHugh and Newbold)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements are… FALSE!

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  • acecatcher3
    tempted to start posting deals again with the aim to get mentioned on bitterwallet........roflcakes

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