HotUKDeals Of The Day - Tuesday 22nd September

hukd_logob1Today, we’re going to help you to culturally enhance your lives and save you some cash. Some DVDs and a classic book, all seriously knocked down in price.

But don’t thank us; thank the culture vultures at HotUKDeals instead. Don’t worry – they’re not real vultures. They are animals though – human animals!

473857First up – Arrested Development. One of the funniest TV shows of recent years. Hell, you might understand and enjoy parts of it even if you’re a fan of radio’s Iain Lee! It’s the show that gave us the chicken impression, the chicken impression and the chicken impression.

Season one is available for only £9.99 via the HUKD link – but do a little bit of searching and you’ll get seasons two and three for the same price too. Quidco is available too, which could save you a few more pence.

473503We’ve all seen variations on THAT scene from Downfall, set in Hitler’s bunker. Our own personal favourite is stuck slap bang at the bottom of this piece. Well now you can make your own because a 2-DVD set of the film is currently available for only £3.99.

Get it, rip the infamous scene that has spawned hundreds of YouTube ‘reimaginings’ have a fiddle about with some video-editing software and you too can have your work slagged off by anonymous strangers on the Internet. Or you could just get a job writing for Bitterwallet.

473801Finally, some literature. Gonzo journalism to be precise. It’s a reissued version of Hunter S Thompson’s classic book Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, first published in 1972 and eventually made into a Johnny Depp-starring film in 1998.

One man and his search for the American Dream, armed with an open-topped car, a huge pile of various drugs, a strange attorney and an inquisitive but addled mind, it’s a stone cold classic and is only £2.99 delivered right now.

(deals found by HUKD member grimlocksbrain and HUKD cultural attaché andywedge)


  • Tom P.
    I think "acecatcher3" (banned HUKD member and patron of BitterWallet) did a good Downfall version for a Quidco competition.
    I agree. I know its a bit anti-Big Paul, but how about embedding ace's go at it?
  • Mein K.
    Indeed he did Tom Pickering here is the link
  • Brian
    That was pretty cool.

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