HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 2nd July

Due to an unforeseen clerical error or the tennis or something, Deal Of The Day’s near-legendary True Or False Friday has been shunted back a day to the here and now. So it’s True Or False Thursday instead.

You know how it works and you know that all the bargains come from HotUKDeals so why are you even bothering to read this paragraph. Move along now…

THE DEAL: 15-can pack of 5% Stella Artois 440ml cans. Just £7.49. Giddy up!

TRUE OR FALSE?  The lager was invented by Belgian Jean Luc Pfffaff and Stella Artois was the secret love of his life. The drink acquired its nickname of ‘Wife Beater’ after Pffaff’s missus kicked the living shite out of him when she found out about his obsession with Mme Artois.

THE DEAL: A 9-roll pack of Charmin toilet tissue for just £2.50. Follow the link from HUKD and you could get a further 50p off, taking the price down to just £2.00.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Although he appears in advertising as a cartoon, the Charmin bear is actually based on a real bear. He’s based on Paddington Bear’s second cousin, Len Randall.

THE DEAL: Reservoir Dogs. A 2-disc BluRay offering for just £6.99, with free delivery. Quentin Tarantino’s directorial debut, and a film he has yet to surpass. Before you start, Pulp Fiction could have had at least 30 minutes cut out of it. Boring.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Quentin Tarantino’s real name is Alfred Bitchcock, but he changed it as he didn’t want to be unfairly compared with the legendary thriller director.

(deals found by HUKD members SupaGeek, michelleleemoo and andywedge)

This week’s TRUE OR FALSE statements were all TRUE. No, what’s the other one? Yeah, they're all that one.

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