HotUKDeals Of The Day - Thursday 28th October

hukd_logob1 It’s a late-arriving Deals Of The Day for you today, and because it is officially dark outside, we’re allowed to use strong language. So, you can expect words like ‘arseblaster’, ‘dong-town’ and ‘chemical tits’ to appear among today’s bargains.

Those bargains, incidentally, all hail from HotUKDeals

787565_1Earlier on, we alerted you to the festive loyalty promotions that have been introduced by Asda and Tesco. Ahead of Christmas, Asda are giving away a free lion cub with every £150 that customers spend in store, while Tesco are slashing the price of tattoos that incorporate their logo (normally £19.99 when you spend £50).

Now it’s time for Morrisons and their own attempt to encourage repeat shopping up to and including Santa’s birthday. It involves some kind of mysterious receipt-collecting activity and you could be in line to nab yourself as much as £30 in vouchers that you can use to knock down your shopping bill.

787293_1Who among us doesn’t love a photo calendar? Eh? Well, apart from… all the blind people, obviously. Unless it’s one with built-in audio description. Dunno where you get them from. But we digress… again.

Back to photo calendars. Blimey, we all love ‘em don’t we? With their photoness… and their calendarity. Marvellous stuff isn’t it. Now you can get yourself one for FREE, and only pay the postage. See – 2011 just got amazing already and it hasn’t even started yet.

787093_1Finally, our attention turns to filling our faces with high quality food and booze but without having to deal with tricky administrative issues like putting our trousers on and leaving the house.

Thank porridge then for the M&S ‘2 Dine for £10’ offer that is back, back, BACK once again as of RIGHT NOW folks. That link back there in the last sentence will give you the full round up of what’s on the menu, but there’s NO Monopoly Soup, Stretched Kellloggs or Banananananananananana. Phew!

(deals found by HUKD members nicster08, holsbols and erm, nicster08 again. Well done nicster08!)

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