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Who likes Wispas? The correct answer is “everyone does.” But the big question is how we collectively let Wispa sales slip to a point where they were completely pulled from the shelves? God only knows.

Thankfully, they’re back and unlike Jason Donovan, they’re the 1980s throwback it’s okay to love. The only thing about their velvety chociness that doesn’t smack of 1986 is the frigging price. Averaging about 65p a bar, it’s grand larceny if you ask us.

So who fancies three bars for a quid? Get to HUKD and find out how. Just don’t come crying to us when you scoff your way to diabetes and an amputated limb.


Mmmm, offer chocolate, the tastiest kind… but once you’ve scoffed all those cheap Wispas, you’re going to have a full-on chip pan face and no mistake.

So, how to cheaply rid yourself of acne and restore your skin to its previously crater-free status? With some seriously-reduced Clearsil Daily Wash – just 50p compared to the usual £3.00. Find out how at HUKD and have a look at some half-baked zit jokes that the forum members have knocked together while you’re there (sorry guys, we love you really.)


Ah, that’s better. Your ragged complexion has been smoothed out, the Wispa-fuelled sugar rush has subsided and everything is back to normal again. Ooh! Ooh! 500ml tubs of Ben & Jerry’s for just £1.80! Over here!

Sorry. Tomorrow’s deals will include elasticated trousers for less than a quid, reinforced armchairs and mirrors that make you look thin. You know, the ones they have in the changing rooms at every branch of (name removed to avoid colossal lawsuit, but you know where we mean – Legal Ed)


  • joffa h.
    the reason wispa bars were pulled from shelves is not due to a slip in sales it was due to the fact that cadburys were overrun with complaints about broken bars. this was found to be an issue with the machine breaking the bars on the production line. they tried all sorts of solutions including adding a caramel strip (wispa gold !!!) and even altering the recipe (wispa cappchino ect) to stop the issue but it still persisted. cadburys then decided to stop producing wispa bars and use the same recipe but made it into the standard chocolate bar format and called cadbury bubbly!!! in 2006 cadbury`s manufacturing plant over went a overhaul and the production line was replaced. this along with the the slimmer profile of the wispa bar allowed cadbury to produce the wispa again without breaking it. the wispa was put on trial last year and is now a perminant feature of the cadbury family. please whoever wrote the artical get their facts right before posting articals that contain utter bull crap.
  • Paul N.
    Hi joffa hall! Cool story! Do you have a link for that?
  • pedobear
    good writeup joffa, 'cept the spelling of article
  • joffa h.
    sorry spelling was not my strong point lol. there is no link to this story it was published in news papers in 2003 when wispa`s were discontinued for the first time. i knew that cadbury were going to pull the wispa about 3 month`s before they actually did as my aunty worked for them in the customer service department (she started as a line packer in 1980). there were loads of meeting to discuss figures from sales and complaints and he did used to mention it when she came round about the tough times and number of complaints about wispa. its a shame that wispa was discontinued in the frist place as it was (and still is) a wonderful chocolate bar and to me even better was the wispa gold (of which we got loads of samples) even if it was produced as a stop gap measure to try and solve the issue cadbury had.
  • Anna
    I had a Wispa yesterday.... first time in years! It was pretty good, but I don't think it tasted quite like I remember it. But hey... memory is flawed :p

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