HotUKDeals Of The Day - Monday 19th January

It’s the middle of January, we’re all a bit skint and it’s too miserable outside to go anywhere other than the local shop for the barest of essentials. These are grim times.

Sod that for a kettle of ball games – let’s go crazy! Let’s get nuts! (as Prince said). Let’s look for the purple banana before they throw us in the truck (as he also said, although that’s slightly less meaningful.) Here’s some getting-away-from-it-all greatness thanks to HotUKDeals

Who fancies dinner and a top London show for just £20 a head? “Yeah right” we hear you cry – “a busker outside a tube station followed by a bag of chips.” Now would we do that to you? Well, to some of you, maybe…

No, it’s all legit and above board. Shows include The Sound Of Music, Joseph, Stomp and Peter Shilton – The Musical. Hang on, word’s just reached us that Peter Shilton is a total sell-out.
(deal found  by misfire22)

If twenty quid is out of your price range but you’re still in the hunt for some grub and some entertainment, have a look down the back of the sofa for a penny. Then hold it high above your head and give off a kind of celebratory war cry.

That’s how much it’s going to cost you for admission to a night of racing and a fast food meal at one of Britain’s top greyhound tracks. But hear this – THIS DEAL DOES NOT START UNTIL JANUARY 26TH but you can sign up for more info about it NOW. Also, if you want a betting tip, always back a dog if you see it, ahem, lighten its load during the pre-race parade.
(deal found by Cheap_n_Nicety)

Finally, a fun-filled family break that won’t drive your piggy bank to a needless suicide. We’ve got details about a three-night Butlins break for one adult, one child and an infant; half board for just £67.63.

Get more info from HotUKDeals. Prices and locations may vary. On-site entertainment may include performances from past/future X Factor contestants. Your children may be beaten up by a slightly feral child called Glen who doesn’t appear to have any adult supervision whatsoever.
(deal found by wendiwoo2)

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