HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 8th July

hukd_logob1 Time to wrap up another diabolical week of that thing they call ‘life’ by indulging in a spot of light True Or False Friday – the game that’s the number one pastime in the UK in spite of a Twitter campaign to have it banned.

As ever, the bargains are courtesy of HotUKDeals and yes, last week’s statements were all FALSE.

972948_1THE DEAL: A bike lift / pulley storage system for only £4.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? As well as raising up your bike, if you set this thing to reverse, it will bore a bike-sized hole through earth, rock and flame.

973561_1THE DEAL: A white Sony PSP Go! consoles with 10 free downloaded PSP games – for just £99.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? The games include Uncle Ian, Uncle Ian 2, Uncle Ian And The Ulcer Mystery, Uncle Ian: Unicorn Manager, Negro Uncle Ian and Uncle Ian: Trip To Fingerland.

973418_1THE DEAL: A Powercraft 800w generator for caravanning and boating and whatnot. Only £59.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? You can also use one of these to power up a dead cow by inserting one lead in its bottom-hole and the other inside its mouth. You can then ride it around the town at speeds of up to and including 65 miles per hour.

(deals found by HUKD members amb47uk, KRISS DEE and deborahm)

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