HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 5th March

hukd_logob1 It’s Friday afternoon, and just when you thought you’d pretty much had enough for the wek, we’re going to hit you square between the peepers with some difficult-to-solve quiz-type questioning.

Marvel at the amazing bargains courtesy of HotUKDeals and gnash your mind at the true or false statements that accompany them. Do it.

625725THE DEAL:  A 120GB Xbox Elite console - only £148.94 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE?  It’s called the Elite because if you press a hidden button on its undercarriage it will sprout legs and perform a little jig accompanied by The Shamen’s Ebeneezer Goode.

626085THE DEAL:  A 5kg bag of onions – for only £1.00.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The Falklands conflict of 1981 was actually caused by a breakdown in the onion trade agreement between Britain and Argentina.

625770THE DEAL: A bottle of Krug Grande Cuvee for just £49.98. Yes, as little as £49.98 (although it’s normally about £100)

TRUE OR FALSE?  Krug Grande Cuvee is best enjoyed when sucked off a piece of raw onion that has been dipped in it.

(deals found by HUKD members StevenA2000_UK, vtailor and AddictWeb)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements are FALSE!!!

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  • StevenA2000_UK
    Awesome!!! Thanks guys. I wasnt aware that it had been featured. I missed my own deal on BW lol....Excellent. Thanks for the mention! Cheers.

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