HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 4th March

hukd_logob1Here comes the weekend and a prescription from Doctor GoodTimes! But before you all descend into a fog of debauchery, there’s some serious business afoot. Namely trying to solve our Deals Of The Day ‘True Or False Friday’ quiz-type thing. Marvel at the offers and then see if you can suss out if we’re truthing or spoofing you with the adjoining statements.

Once you’ve done that, you might like to visit HotUKDeals, where there’s LOADS more bargains for you to suckle on…

889881_1THE DEAL: A curved towel warmer for only £39.00

TRUE OR FALSE? Be warned - this will only heat curved towels. Standard straight towels will remain stone-cold when placed on this. Think before you buy…

890099_1THE DEAL: Offical Playstation DualShock Controller – only £27.99 delivered.

TRUE OR FALSE? The ‘DualShock’ refers to the fact that if the buttons are pressed in a certain order, the controller falls apart and live maggots spill out of it. Press them in a different order and it will transform itself into a naked soldier, run across the floor and throw itself through the nearest window.

889751_1THE DEAL: A Motorola Xoooom with a 32GB memory and 1GB of RAM. Pre-order for only £435.00 (with Quidco)

TRUE OR FALSE? This was going to be called the Zoooom, until Fat Larry’s Band took out an injunction against Motorola, claiming that it infringed the copyright of their flawless 1982 hit single of the same name.

(deals found by HUKD members owl310588, bob100 and Kasam)

Oh, and all of last week's True Or Falses were FALSE.

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  • Euan
    Courtesy of the 'invisible hand' Firefox addon, I can see the PS3 controller's even cheaper at Amazon:

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