HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 31st July

It’s True Or False Friday here at Deals Of The Day – the one day in the week where we bring you bargains from HotUKDeals AND a tricky series of brain teasers from our, er, brains.

Trust us – if we did this every day, we’d probably blow up the whole internets.

THE DEAL: A blue Nokia 1209 mobile phone – only £13. A basic mobile, but what’s wrong with that? Some of us just want to use a phone to, you know, make phone calls. We don’t all want to carry around tiny supercomputers in our pockets.

TRUE OR FALSE? An ultra-basic mobile phone will be launched by Nokia early in 2010. It will consist of a plastic tube with some wind chimes hanging off the bottom of it and is aimed at people who are allergic to technology.

THE DEAL: A pair of Fitness First sunglasses with a sunglasses case and an iPod speaker. All of that for the tiny price of just £4, with free delivery and even the chance of a free gift.

TRUE OR FALSE? If you soak an ordinary pair of sunglasses in vinegar for 48 hours, you’ll be able to use them to see through people’s clothes and check out their underwear.

THE DEAL: The Blue Planet – Sir David Attenborough lives under the sea for a while to see what’s going on down there. A 4-DVD box set for only £7.63. Free delivery also available if you use the voucher code supplied at HUKD.

TRUE OR FALSE? During the making of this series Sir David developed fins and breathing gills and had to undergo a series of re-humanising operations when he resurfaced. He also had to be debriefed by specialist agents from NASA’s secret underwater division.

(deals found by HUKD members BeeKeeper, juliesbargains and whizzkid)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements were FALSE

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  • Mike e.
    "TRUE OR FALSE: All statements were FALSE" Is that statement TRUE or is it... FALSE?

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