HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 28th May

hukd_logob1 It’s late and you’re probably wondering where the HotUKDeals Of The Day True Or False Friday has gotten to. It’s here you bell end.

So here’s the plug for HotUKDeals that usually appears in the second paragraph, a brief announcement that all of last week’s statements were FALSE and on we go…

688346THE DEAL: A fire pit for heating up your special outdoor area. Only £15.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? Screw this into the ground, point it at a special angle (to be found on and you can summon the Devil himself, who will dance around in your fire pit for a while.

THE DEAL: A 21-disc collection of Laurel & Hardy movies. Just £26.75 delivered.

557327TRUE OR FALSE? Oliver Hardy weighed just seven stones and was padded out before appearing on screen. Because of his condition, he slept constantly when not making films - hence the popular phrase, 'Mr Hardy is sleeping now.'

THE DEAL: A Belkin 300Mbps Wireless N Cable Router – only £16.98 delivered.

688230TRUE OR FALSE? If 300Mbps were to be represented by a lump of butter, it would be the size of the fucking Moon.

(deals found by HUKD members holly100, monsoon1 and a6unx)

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  • Brian
    FALSE, FALSE, FALSE. I should get a FREE iPad from Bitterwally for getting these quiz answers CORRECT every week.

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