HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 26th March

Just when you thought it was all over for the day, we’re back to enlighten and bamboozle you all with True Or False Friday – the weekly feature that we’re never going to stop doing no matter how sick we all become of it.

Just look at the statements linked to the bargains from HotUKDeals and see if you can figure out if they’re real or complete and utter bollocks.

642539 THE DEAL:  Sega Megadrive: Ultimate Collection – over 40 old games for just £10.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The collection features the controversial ‘Saddam’s Madams’ where you play the part of Saddam Hussain running a string of Iraqi brothels.

642293THE DEAL:  Henry Numatic vacuum cleaner – only £72.27. Also available in pink Hetty model.

TRUE OR FALSE?  This was voted the number one vacuum cleaner of choice by the British Pervert Institute for the seventh consecutive year. Advocates of it say that it has that all-important ‘human touch.’

642418THE DEAL: iTunes gift cards – buy one, get one half price.

TRUE OR FALSE?  You can use these to buy apps for the forthcoming iTrunk – a long portable entertainment device that straps on to the front of your stupid face.

(deals found by HotUKDeals members goonertillidie, allawee and SpecialK)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements are FALSE.

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  • screw y.
    make it true every once in a while

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