HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 25th February

hukd_logob1It’s almost the end of another grim and testing week, where lives have been saved and lives have been lost. We’re not talking about in the Middle East but in the Bitterwallet HQ’s sea monkeys tank. Still, we’ve got our eternally-popular True Or False Friday game to take our minds off things.

You all know how it works, and you can get over to HotUKDeals if you need any more blazing bargain action...

travelodgeTHE DEAL: A heads up for a Travelodge sale, starting soon. Rooms from only £10.

TRUE OR FALSE? Spot an enormous giraffe outside any Travelodge and you get a free night’s stay!

884600_1THE DEAL: Original Source shower gel – just 90p for 250ml.

TRUE OR FALSE? This stuff makes an adequate-tasting and reasonably safe substitute for most budget jams.

884264_1THE DEAL: 4200 Microsoft Points for only £22.47.

TRUE OR FALSE? We’ve got no idea what Microsoft Points are, so it seems insane to present a fact about them, true, false or otherwise. As Duncan Bannatyne would say, we’re going home.

(deals found by HUKD members mofokiss, nicster08 and softpurple)


  • Dick
    What do Microsoft points make? Microsoft prizes. The answer is false. Microsoft points make little boys and older retards cream their pants.
  • cheese
    As an older retard I can assure that my pant creaming days are now nothing more than a distant memory.
  • The D.
    Dammit, what about last week's quiz?! Were they true or false??

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