HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 22nd January

hukd_logob1 What’s that? You want a round-up of some of the best bargains around at the moment but you also want to rack your brains as you try to figure out whether or not the statements that accompany the bargains are true or just bollocks?

Okay then – here you go. True Or False Friday, presented in association with HotUKDeals.

589526THE DEAL:  Ping Pong table. Table football table. Snooker table. £32.99 each, all down from £129.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Ping pong was invented in 1898 by two surgeons when they batted a hardened gall stone up and down an operating table.

589016THE DEAL:  See a West End show in London’s fashionable West End. Tickets priced between £10 - £35 for TOP SEATS!

TRUE OR FALSE?  Shows in the promotion include Oh Mr Candleteeth!, The Buckle Hunters, Jizz – The Musical and For Dutch And Dutchness.

589502THE DEAL:  A lovely 13.5 Tog Bounce Back duvet. From £4.80 - £7.20.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Within the boundaries of the city of Coventry, it is still legal to stuff a gibbon corpse into a duvet cover and just dump it in the street – but only after nightfall on the second Wednesday of every month.

(deals found by HUKD members sunflower, Papa Lazarou and NattyD)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements were FALSE.

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