HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 20th August

hukd_logob1 Is it Friday already? Of course it is – are you thick or something? That means one thing and one thing only – that you lot get to put your grey matter to the ultimate test of True Or False Friday. You’re dazzled by the low, low prices, but are you able to keep your cool and answer the tricky conundrums?

Bargains galore at HotUKDeals from whence this incredible trio came. Oh, and last week's statements were all FALSE!

741864_1THE DEAL: A 16GB USB flash/key drive for only £14.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? The discovery of fresh memory reserves in the North Sea mean that prices will continue to drop in the next ten years.

741829_1THE DEAL: Six bottles of Coca Cola for just £2.00.

TRUE OR FALSE? The secret ingredient in Coca Cola is essence taken from thermal underwear that belonged to Abraham Lincoln.

741854_1THE DEAL: Alton Towers entry for £12 plus a free hot drink plus free parking.

TRUE OR FALSE? In order to qualify for this offer, you and your family must have tarred and feathered yourselves from head to toe before you arrive at the park.

(deals found by HUKD members ianmcleod, bargaingaz and marty-401)


  • Jamie
    Who won the kindles?!
  • THE S.
    Hi, my name is Brian. I am NOT really THE STIG. I am posting like this so the Bitterwally maroons (worster than morons) do not ban me again from answering the questions before next Friday. They should be asleep now, so here goes.... The answers are FALSE, FALSE & FALSE.

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