HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 1st October

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HotUKDeals! Oh goodness! HOTUKDEALS! Blah blah blah blah, etc etc etc... last week... FALSE!

767888_1THE DEAL: Free copy of Airplane! on DVD.

TRUE OR FALSE? Here in the UK, the film is more commonly known by its alternative title, ‘Funny Aeroplane Film’.

768614_1THE DEAL: A Mini Cooper 6v electric car for just £99.99 – that’s a saving of £100!

TRUE OR FALSE? Ironically, after one of his many heart attacks, Tommy Cooper was rushed to hospital in a Mini Cooper. Bizarrely, it was driven by Ipswich Town goalkeeper Paul Cooper.

768877_1THE DEAL: HTC Wildfire on Vodafone for only £126.

TRUE OR FALSE? Vodafone are the greatest mobile network in the world. If any of you avid readers have a problem with their levels of service, it is undoubtedly YOUR fault. You're either not reading the instructions properly or you've had the phone in the bath with you or something. Vodafone are blameless and amazing.

(deals found by HUKD members HappyShopper, whizzkid and veralum)

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  • Grin
    Are the Vodaphone are manufactured in China? Its a little bit same as the android phones of some of the China wholesale sites selling

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