HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 14th January

14 January 2011

hukd_logob1Let’s batter what remains of this dog-rotten day into submission with our regular Deals Of The Day ‘True Or False Friday’ fandango. The rules are so simple that we’re not even going to bother telling you what they are this time around. Just get on with it and email us if you’ve got any questions eh?

As usual, the bargains have all hotfooted it here from HotUKDeals and last week’s statements were all FALSE.

851916_1THE DEAL: A whole host of iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad games that are reduced, with some of them even FREE. Click for part one and part two of the list.

TRUE OR FALSE? Games featured in the discounted list include Chubby Brown’s Dong Patrol, Five Rabbits Named Steve, Glosh, Glosh 3, Glosh 4, Walk Like An Egyptian, CakkaCakk, iPillow and Horace Goes Skiing.

851962_1THE DEAL: Hire A Hubby for only £15 instead of the usual £40. Odd jobs galore on offer.

TRUE OR FALSE? As well as odd jobs, husbands will look at porn on the internet after you’ve gone to bed, fantasise about the girl who works in the off licence and bite their toenails when they think there’s no one looking.

852377_1THE DEAL: Batteries. Eight of them for only £1.99. AA in case you were wondering. Good ones as well – none of your pound shop shite.

TRUE OR FALSE? The first ever battery was the size of a fridge freezer and powered a single lightbulb for 0.009 seconds. The second battery didn’t work at all. Neither did the third one.

(deals found by HUKD members theonlytazman, amibees and Laubi02)

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