HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 14th August

True Or False Friday – the cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae that is Bitterwallet. But how does it work? Well, as some of the more annoying members of society are prone to saying these days, it’s simples.

So much so that we’re not even going to bother explaining it this week. But we’re contractually obliged to mention that the bargains all hail from HotUKDeals so there, we just did.

THE DEAL:  A retro Union Jack space hopper with foot pump for simple, painless up-blowage. Only £6.99.

TRUE OR FALSE?  83% of all prison breakouts are carried out using craftily-made space hoppers fashioned from leftover food and bodily fluids.

THE DEAL: The Lansinoh manual breast pump - only £3.75. Will not inflate a retro Union Jack space hopper in case that’s what you were thinking.

TRUE OR FALSE?  Mix raw breast milk with cocaine and hey presto, you’ve got yourself home-made Superglue.

THE DEAL:  A 5kg bag of potatoes – enough to almost fill an average bathroom sink – for only £1.00.

TRUE OR FALSE?  The potato was discovered by Willliam Shakespeare after one of them was sent to him anonymously by a fan from overseas.

(deals found by HUKD members leeds_united_afc, Helsinkihelen and ianmac61)


  • Brian
    You didn't say at the end if the questions are TRUE or FALSE, so you've failed for today.
  • Martha F.
    Brian, you didn't say, "Hi my name is Brian" at the start of your comment so YOU'VE failed for today you TWAT!
  • Andy D.
    Sorry about that Brian. They're all TRUE this week.
  • Jase
    Finally...someone else who has noticed how annoying that Compare the Market catch-phrase is. Shit idea for an advert, shit saying...and only repeated by the morons of society.
  • Andy D.
    I've got to hold my hands up and say I thought CompareTheMeerkat was great at first but now I can't go to zoos in case I climb into the meerkat enclosure and try to strangle one of the little bastards.
  • Andy D.
    I also loved the T-Mobile sinagalong ads at first. What an utter twat I am.
  • Bon J.
    sort the grammar out "An 5KG bag" dont think so son
  • Bon J.
    and also it is potato and "potatoe"
  • David
    Has Dan Quayle been writing for BitterWallet?
  • Tom P.
    Posted by David | August 14th, 2009 at 6:58 pm "Has Dan Quayle been writing for BitterWallet?" Now, there's a name from the past. At least he gave us more than a few laughs, what has Biden ever done for us?

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