HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 11th September

hukd_logob1Let’s not faff about here. It’s Friday and we know what you lot want. You want bargains matched up with implausible-sounding statements about said bargains.

They’re all from HotUKDeals and the question is, are they unfalse or untrue? We’ll tell you at the end.

466669THE DEAL: A Paul Smith Extreme tester. 100ml, full to the brim, possibly without a lid, but only £12.99 of your Earth-money.

TRUE OR FALSE? In his spare time, the fashion and scent guru Paul Smith is also one of the editors of Bitterwallet. And people, let me tell you, he smells DIVINE!

Tom Jones in speedoTHE DEAL: If you’re in London and stuck for something to do this evening, why not get along to the Rockwell show at the O2 and see stars like Lulu, Razorlight, Joss Stone, David Gray, Tom Jones, Robert Plant and Danny and Gaz from Supergrass. Tickets are now going for just £10 apiece.

TRUE OR FALSE? Tom Jones is the worst singer in the entire world. His awfulness cannot even be described in normal human words. He’s a disgrace and brings shame on singers and the Welsh everywhere.

466678THE DEAL: Absolutely. A comedy sketch show from, ooh, almost 20 years ago now. Brings back fond memories to some of us of a certain age. Taster clip below - get the complete 8-DVD box set for only £14.99.

TRUE OR FALSE? The stars of Absolutely have since spent their time doing stuff like presenting the National Lottery Draw, doing voiceovers on kids’ TV show Peppa Pig and giving birth to the children of David Baddiel.

(deals found by HUKD members Tophlar23, Hutchie and andywedge)

TRUE OR FALSE: All statements are TRUE! Well, mostly.

What do you think?

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